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From Vocaloid to VTubers: The World of Virtual Idols Explained

5/30/2022 10:48:37 PM

A convenient guide to the virtual idol fandom's past, present, and future. From Vocaloid to VTubers!

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Nicker: Anime & Manga Supplies For Artists Everywhere

2/11/2022 2:30:10 AM

Discover the ins and outs of Nicker Colour, a paint and art supplies company deeply rooted in the Japanese animation industry.

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Hit List: 9 Epic Games Set in Japan

1/27/2022 9:50:16 PM

Explore the Land of the Rising Sun from the comfort of your gaming couch!

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Dedicate Your Heart -- to Attack on Titan Merch!

1/17/2022 3:32:25 PM

Let Levi, Mikasa, and Eren live on in your Attack on Titan merch collection! Our essential primer and shopping guide for Attack on Titan merch.

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10 Sweet Game Boy Games Perfect for Nintendo Switch Online

10/31/2021 4:10:44 PM

Blast from the past! If Nintendo's iconic retro handheld was reborn on Nintendo Switch Online, what games would you want to see on it?

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Smash Ultimate’s Final DLC: Please, Sakurai-san, Let it Be One Of These!

10/5/2021 10:20:20 PM

Which character from the world of video games will be the last to grace the stadium of Smash Bros. Ultimate? Here's 5 from our own wishlist!

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