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Let Levi, Mikasa, and Eren live on in your Attack on Titan merch collection! Our essential primer and shopping guide for Attack on Titan merch.

Attack on Titan is currently airing the second half of its final season. As those of you who have been following the anime religiously since the first episode know, the time of reckoning will soon be upon us.

But don’t write Levi, Mikasa, Eren, and the Titans out of your mind just yet. On the contrary — let them live on forever in your room with awesome authentic merch!

Here, we'll be serving up a go-to list of some of the finest clothing, anime figures, smartphone accessories, and other epic Attack on Titan products you'll definitely want close by.

So strap on your ODM gear, suit up in your Survey Corps uniform, and let’s get started!



End of an era

Since its debut episode in April 2013, Attack on Titan has wowed anime fans around the globe with a deep, gripping narrative laced with mystery and intrigue. Indeed, whenever the show's writers close a door, it's almost a given that they fling open thirteen different windows alongside it to keep you hooked.

Still, that all changes at the end of the Winter 2022 anime season, as Attack on Titan is indeed coming to a close.

It can often be a depressing time when an anime as popular as this comes to an end. No doubt it'll feel like a very part of you has ended along with it: No more flying to the message boards on a weekly basis to discuss spoilers and potential future climaxes. No more basking in the afterglow or reeling from the emotional impact of that one quote or scene.

However, we're here today to encourage you to not let the burning passion you may hold for Attack on Titan die out! Instead, show the world just how much this anime means to you with your collection of official Attack on Titan merch!


Attack on Titan shirt



#1: Anime Figures

What anime fan could resist the addition of even more figures to their ever-growing collection?

There's countless options on the market from a plethora of different manufacturers like Good Smile Company and Kotobukiya -- and with thousands of listings on ZenPlus in the figures category alone, you definitely won't be spoiled for choice.


Nendoroids are super-deformed figurines that perfectly blend cool and kawaii into one affordable package.

The large heads adopt a charming, cartoonish style that are nothing if not expressive (think puppy dog eyes for your favorite Attack on Titan characters) -- and what's more, each Nendoroid will often come with several different face parts that allow you to customize them as you wish!

Attack on Titan Nendoroid


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1/8 scale figures

If you're after realism and highly detailed set pieces, scale figures are just the ticket you need. These definitely aren't the simple dolls or action figures you may be used to from your youth!

Just check out these awesome ARTFX J renditions of Levi, Mikasa, and Eren, re-released in 2021 (and featured as prizes in our recent Twitter giveaway!). It's like the characters are frozen in time, the dynamic nature of their airborne movement perfectly captured in their poses and determined facial expressions.

Want to read more about ARTFX J Levi in all his vengeful glory? Head on over to our epic husbando anime figure blog post, where we highlight him and other handsome ikemen figures that are making waves recently.

Attack on Titan anime figures


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#2: Bags & Accessories

Of course, it's not just a memorable cast of characters that Attack on Titan has gifted anime fans around the world with.

Who could forget the franchise's legendary omnidirectional mobility (ODM) gear -- the equipment that allows our Survey Corps heroes to soar every which way through the sky toward their Titan foes?

We've all dreamed of having our own personal ODM gear and hurtling through urban landscapes at a mile a minute. Well, now you can make that dream a reality (almost) -- with these cool ODM-themed bags and accessories from popular Japanese fashion brand DEVICE.

4-Way ODM Bag

Attack on Titan's actual ODM gear is the epitome of convenience and practicality, facilitating easy movement through your surroundings.

It makes perfect sense, then, for a bag based on the ODM design to be just as versatile. All you need to do is make a quick adjustment here and there, depending on what the time, place, and occasion you find yourself in calls for!

Here's the four options the bag gives you:

  1. A hand-carry Boston bag
  2. A hands-free hybrid backpack
  3. A waist bag for quick access
  4. A cross-body sling bag for minimalist adventures

The bag even features a genuine leather patch with the Survey Corps logo and zippers shaped like ultrahard steel blades -- a real treat for Attack on Titan fans.

Sure, it'll be a little while yet before you'll be able to see jet-propelled wires flying from the bag's charge ports, but it's still got the ODM gear's underlying concept of practicality down pat. Plus it just looks so snazzy.


Attack on Titan 4-way bag


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Leg pouches

At the end of the day, you can never have too many pockets. Loose change, receipts, snacks, and other little trinkets somehow have a knack of growing in number throughout the day (whether you like it or not!), and you won't always have the luxury of swinging an entire bag around to stuff them into.

In that respect, these leg pouches could definitely become an essential part of your daily life -- while also allowing you to show your love for Attack on Titan!

The straps do a great job of harking back to the Survey Corps' lower body wardrobe trimmings -- and while the pouch itself may not be a feature of the original character design per se, the rustic brown and gray variants certainly makes them feel right at home.

Think of it as a unique Survey Corps leg holster -- a cross between Attack on Titan and the Wild Wild West!


Attack on Titan leg pouch


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#3: Clothing

Picture this: You're heading to an anime convention but don't have the means to create your own signature cosplay for Attack on Titan, the series you've loved for years. You want to make sure that those around you know where your taste in anime lies but, without a costume, you're left grasping at straws.

No problem -- some good old fashioned clothing with Attack on Titan designs will do just the trick!

Colossal Titan T Shirt

While there are plenty of Attack on Titan shirts and hoodies out there (with many available right here on ZenPlus), we have to give our recommendation to this hilarious Colossal Titan piece!

First, the shirt itself features two comical lines stating that the wearer is a 200-foot-tall Titan -- and that their neck should be cut, lest they go on a potential rampage.

However, the true beauty of the thing is when you pull it up over your head and reveal the intimidating glare of the Colossal Titan itself!

This shirt can be a budget cosplay option for those wanting to dress up as a Titan without having to invest in the stilts and smoke machines that go along with it.

Attack on Titan shirt


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Tracksuit Jacket

If you're looking to flaunt some Attack on Titan fashion in a way that doesn't involve stretching it over your head, this jacket is a great option.

The lavish gold accents stand out perfectly against the muted black base, and the Survey Corps logo and motto will instantly let impressed onlookers know exactly where you dedicate your heart to!

Whether it be a trip to a major anime convention or a simple corner store, this versatile jacket would definitely make a fantastic addition to your wardrobe.

Attack on Titan jacket


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#4: Acrylic Stands

Not ready to go all out with a 3D figure collection, or simply want to add a little variety to the mix? Try acrylic stands instead.

This popular category of merch features gorgeous artwork of your favorite characters pasted over an acrylic base and stand. That makes them easy to display and even easier to start collecting.

The universal nature of acrylic stands means that you'll usually find a huge variety of characters on offer: not just protagonists Levi, Mikasa, and Eren, but other members of the cast like Sasha, Hange, and Reiner!

Attack on Titan acrylic stands

Of course, we would be remiss to not recommend everyone's favorite friend-zoned badass Mikasa.

Mikasa continuously puts herself in harm's way so that she can be there for Eren whenever he needs her. Yet, for all her efforts, what does she get in return? She gets to sit back as Eren continuously ignores her and berates her for emasculating him.

With that being said, why not be a trooper and do what Eren could never do: show your love for Mikasa by picking up an acrylic stand in her honor!


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#5: Artwork

With a global pandemic that has made staying indoors more important than ever before, it's only natural that you'd want to start sprucing up your room at home.

If your walls are looking a little bare, there are plenty of tapestries and posters available for purchase through the ZenPlus online store that feature the Attack on Titan cast. 

Wall Portraits

As the final season draws to a close, it can become easy to forget the long journey that led us to this point. However, with an acrylic poster expertly capturing an earlier point in the show's run, you can ensure that those nostalgic memories can continue to live on forever.

Just imagine waking up and coming home to the sight of this epic artwork day in and day out!

Attack on Titan portraits


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Tapestries themselves will cost a little bit extra, but it is most definitely worth the investment as the artwork on some of these decorations is absolutely breathtaking.

Our recommendation has to go to the back-to-back posing of Eren and Levi alongside some of the other high-ranking officials of the Survey Corps. It's positive Hollywood material, and could maybe win an Oscar in its own right!

Attack on Titan tapestries


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#6: Collectibles

We've covered a lot of the main forms of Attack on Titan merchandise you can find on the market in this post, but obviously they're not all that's out there. If you're after some more interesting collectibles, here's a couple of unique outliers that definitely fit the bill.


Attack on Titan is set in an exciting, expansive universe -- so merch that brings that universe itself to life as well will surely add that little extra oomph to your collection.

These acrylic dioramas not only include adorable renditions of your favorite characters, they also come packaged with background environments that instantly give context to their presence!

Throw Eren, Mikasa, and Armin into a dark, foreboding forest, or flex your Survey Corps cahones with a set featuring Levi, Erwin, and Hange against the backdrop of the iconic Wall instead -- either way, they'll make any dresser table or display cabinet that much more impressive!

Attack on Titan diorama


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Card packs

Ever wanted to play Go Fish, blackjack, or poker with Attack on Titan on your side? Now you can.

Each face card depicts a specific character (Levi is one of the Kings, of course), while the numbered cards feature logos and other Attack on Titan motifs. And of course, the Titans themselves take on the role of Joker!

Trick shots and card throwing continues to gain steam on social media as a unique hobby, which makes owning a pack of these cards even better. Hurl both Survey Corps and Titans alike through the air to their intended targets and you be the architect of your very own Attack on Titan fight scene!

Attack on Titan playing cards


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Recap: Attack on Titan merch

Here's a quick review of some of the best kinds of Attack on Titan merch out there, as covered in this blog post:

  1. Anime figures
  2. Bags & accessories
  3. Clothing
  4. Acrylic stands
  5. Artwork
  6. Collectibles

Obviously merchandise is a universe in itself, so this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to flaunting your love for the franchise. Stay tuned for guides that spotlight specific kinds of merch in the future!


AOT: Dedicate your heart to Attack on Titan merch

Attack on Titan has been an incredible ride all the way back from its first episode until now. Many of us have enjoyed tuning in every year or so to watch the new season and it will definitely be heartbreaking when the final chapter eventually closes. However, for such a great show that touched so many of us, it feels wrong to simply add it to your anime watched list and forget about it forever.

For those who want to keep the spirit of Attack on Titan alive and kicking, consider picking up a small souvenir from your journey through the series at the ZenPlus online marketplace. Whether it be a large item meant to show the world how much you love Attack on Titan, or something more subtle to remind yourself of the show's importance in your life, you're bound to find something for any situation!

Tap or click the button below to browse more of our epic Attack on Titan merch collection.

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