Help (FAQs)


A. About ZenPlus

A-1. What is ZenPlus?

ZenPlus is an online marketplace connecting exclusive and authentic Japanese items with the rest of the world. With our shopping platform you can buy direct from Japan while overseas!

With more than 3,000 stores and 5 million products to our name, you're bound to find whatever it is you're looking for from the Land of the Rising Sun.

A-2. Who runs ZenPlus?

ZenPlus is operated by ZenGroup Inc., an ever-growing Japanese company with a global focus located in the heart of Osaka. You can check our corporate site for more details.

A-3. How does ZenPlus work?

Here's a breakdown of the order process on ZenPlus.

i. After you place an order, we notify the seller.
ii. The seller sends your ordered items to our warehouse.
iii. Our warehouse staff inspect the items and prepare them for international delivery.
iv. We notify you by email when your parcel ships out from our warehouse, and display your tracking number in the Orders section of your account page.
v. The parcel reaches your door, and you get to enjoy your goodies from Japan!

A-4. How are ZenPlus.jp and ZenMarket.jp different?

ZenPlus.jp is an online mall that provides a simple, streamlined shopping experience for authentic products from Japan. We show you shipping costs at checkout and choose the delivery method best suited to your order, allowing you to focus on what you came to do: shop! Individual stores list their products directly on the ZenPlus platform and are bound to us by a contractual agreement. Because ZenPlus has a direct working relationship with each store in this way, we are able to minimize and effectively deal with any risks that apply to online shopping in general (e.g. damage during delivery or defective/non-genuine merchandise). 

ZenMarket.jp is a shopping proxy service that helps you purchase from Japanese websites where worldwide shipping isn't normally offered. Because ZenMarket.jp is more like a freight forwarder than an actual online mall, the process is not as streamlined as ZenPlus.jp: shipping costs are only made known after your purchases reach the ZenMarket warehouse, and you have to customize the shipment (packing method, delivery method) yourself each time. Also, ZenMarket.jp does not have a direct working relationship with the stores or products presented on it -- so product defects, damage, and authenticity may pose issues at times. 


B. Items

B-1. Are the items that you sell 100% authentic?

The ZenPlus sellers' agreement compels all storefronts on our platform to list only authentic items.

If you receive an item that you think may not be authentic, please send photos and/or videos along with a detailed description to our support. Through our buyer’s protection policy, you may be eligible for a full refund.

B-2. Can sellers reserve an item or place it on hold for me?

No, unfortunately not.

B-3. Can you let me know when an item comes back in stock?

We don't currently have any automatic notification feature for items that are restocked. But ZenPlus has plenty of listings from a variety of different sellers, so please check back frequently and you might find an alternate listing of the same product.

B-4. Can you upload more photos of an item?

Unfortunately for inventory management reasons we're unable to request more photos from sellers.

B-5. Can you customize the contents of an item listing for me (remove or add parts, etc.)?

All of the items that are listed for sale on our platform are done so individually by our sellers; as such, we're unable to ask them to make changes to individual contents.

We will do our best to ensure that prohibited items are removed, however.

B-6. Can you pack my items in ways that I request?

To ensure your order arrives at your door as quickly as possible, unfortunately we can't fulfill specific packing requests.

C. Ordering

C-1. Do you offer promo codes or discounts for first-time users?

Not at this time. Please check out our Discounts section or stay tuned for special sales!

C-2. Do I need an account to order?

Signing up for an account grants you access to a wealth of helpful ZenPlus features, but for your convenience you don't need to do so for your first order.

C-3. How do I add items to my order after it has been placed?

Unfortunately once an order has been placed, we’re unable to add other items to it. Additional items will be part of a brand-new order.

C-4. What payment methods do you accept?

At the moment we accept bank debit cards, credit cards, and PayPal. We're planning to add more payment methods over time.

C-5. My payment isn't going through.

For security reasons, we're unable to view the details of any payment errors. Please provide proof of payment (transaction ID, PayPal account name, screenshots, etc.) to our customer support team so they can investigate the issue.

For your reference, here are some possible scenarios in which payments may not go through properly:

i. Your bank may be blocking cross-border payments. Contact your bank and confirm that there are no restrictions, or try to use a different card or PayPal account.

ii. If you're trying to pay by card, you may have exceeded your monthly credit limit (for credit cards) or not have enough funds in your connected bank account (for debit cards).


D. Shipping

D-1. What countries do you ship to?

We ship to all countries where our delivery services currently operate. Note that the COVID-19 global pandemic may cause irregular disruptions to normal operation. Apologies for the inconvenience, but thank you for your understanding.

D-2. How much does shipping cost?

The shipping cost is shown in your cart before you place an order. It depends on the size and weight of your parcel, and the country you're sending to. This is the final cost — we will not charge you any additional fees.

D-3. How long does shipping take?

Domestic shipments generally reach our warehouse in a few days, but may in certain specific cases take a week or more. International shipments can take anywhere from several days to several weeks to reach you after leaving our warehouse, depending on if you choose Standard or Express shipping.

Please contact our support team from the Orders section on your account page if you have any questions about the timing of your parcel.

D-4. Do you offer combined shipping?

We combine items from the same or multiple stores into a single shipment if they were ordered at the same time (i.e. in the same shopping cart) as each other.

Each set of cart contents is assigned a unique order number in our system upon checkout; as such, each order number itself represents a distinct shipment.

D-5. What’s the difference between Standard and Express shipping?

Standard shipping: Delivered through local postal services. This is the cheaper but slower option -- parcels can take several weeks to arrive at your door.

Express shipping: Delivered through an international courier service carefully selected by us and best suited to your order. This is the faster but pricier option -- parcels typically arrive at your door within 2-4 days of dispatch from our warehouse.

Please note that depending on the items in your order and depending on the service availability of your country, both shipping methods may not always be available for selection.

D-6. Are my parcels trackable while in transit?

Yes, all packages are trackable. The tracking link can be accessed from your account page after we've shipped your parcel.

D-7. Where can I find my tracking number?

In the Orders section of your account page.

D-8. What delivery services does ZenPlus use?

We use Japan Post and other international couriers to ensure your parcel reaches you safe and sound. Each service is categorized as either Express or Standard shipping on our site in order to streamline the order process for you.

D-9. Can I choose a specific delivery service, courier, or partner?

We automatically choose whichever courier or delivery partner is best suited to your order, depending on which shipping type (Express or Standard) you choose.

D-10. Can ZenPlus ship items with lithium (Li) batteries inside?

As long as the batteries are housed within the item itself (e.g. a video game console or laptop PC) -- and the destination country allows imports with housed batteries in the first place -- then generally yes.

Note, however, that the number of housed batteries allowed per parcel depends on the destination country. Please check with your local customs office, post office, or courier for specific information.

NB: Lithium batteries themselves (chargers, mobile batteries, PC battery packs, etc.) cannot be shipped overseas.

D-11. Can ZenPlus ship cold or frozen goods?

No, we cannot ship/sell cold or frozen goods. Items are stored at room temperature after arrival at our warehouse.

D-12. Can ZenPlus ship alcohol?

Alcohol shipments are restricted or prohibited for certain countries. Please check with your local customs office (such as the US Customs Office, post office, or courier for specific information.

D-13. Can I ship to an address within Japan?

Not at this time. ZenPlus is optimized for cross-border trade, offering customers overseas an easy way to buy direct from Japan.



E. Customs & Logistics

E-1. Can you change the declared value of my item?

No, we can't change the declared value.

E-2. Can you mark my item as a gift?

No, we can't mark the item as a gift. We are obligated to mark all items as a merchandise.

E-3. Will I be charged a customs (import) fee?

Fee amounts and requirements depend on your country and its customs regulations. As such, we unfortunately aren't able to provide customs fee estimates or advice on our end. Please check with your customs office for specific info about your case (such as the US Customs Office).

E-4. I don't want to pay (or be charged) customs fees.

It is the buyer’s responsibility to pay any duties charged. Our service does not cover customs duties and import taxes.

E-5. I paid VAT at checkout. Why is my customs office asking me to pay VAT again?

Since the IOSS was first introduced on July 1, 2021, we have been informed by the postal service that there are still several ongoing issues that may cause VAT payments to be unsuccessful. The vast majority of our orders to the EU are unaffected by these issues, however if you are asked by either the customs authorities, or by the post office to pay VAT for your order, you are required to pay.

Please be sure to request a receipt for this payment and send a copy to our support. Upon receiving your receipt, if we are able to verify that you were mistakenly charged twice for VAT, we will be able to refund the VAT payment that you had initially made to us.

E-6. My parcel has been stuck in customs for over a week. Can you help?

We are sorry, but we’re unable to contact the customs office of your country regarding your order. For the vast majority of orders, the customs process is completed within a few days, but in some rare cases it can take weeks or even months.

Once in the hands of the customs authorities of your country, your order processing time is completely at their discretion. If for some reason your item is held in customs for an extended period of time, we apologize for being unable to do more and humbly ask for your patience until it is released.



F. Cancelations & Refunds

F-1. Can I cancel my order?

Any order can be canceled free of charge for two hours after it was placed. You can cancel it directly from your account's Orders page. Kindly understand that no cancelations will be accepted after said cancelation period has passed.

F-2. Why was an item in my order canceled? Will I get a refund?

We’re very sorry for the inconvenience caused. If you have not already received an email notification about the cancellation reason, please contact us and we can let you know.

The price and shipping fee of canceled items will be fully refunded to you. If there are other items in the order that have not been cancelled, refunds will be processed after the other items in the order have been shipped. The refund will be issued within three business days, however bear in mind that in case of card payments it might take several business days for the funds to show in your balance.

F-3. The seller canceled an item in my order. Can I replace it with something else?

We cannot add or exchange items in an order. If we're unable to send a particular item in your order to you, it will be canceled and you'll receive a full refund for that item's price and shipping fee. The remaining items will be shipped to you as normal.

F-4. I want to return/replace an item or get a refund.

In principle, we don't accept refunds or returns. But all cases are unique, so please contact us for details.



G. Customer Support

G-1. I can't confirm my account.

Double-check your inbox’s junk mail folder and associated settings. The confirmation email may have been marked as spam by mistake.

Please also confirm that you entered your email address correctly (for example, no spelling errors) during registration. You might like to try signing up again or resending your account confirmation code if you’re unsure.

If none of the above suggestions help, please contact us.

G-2. I haven't received a reply to my message/email yet.

We try our very best to reply as quickly as we can, however due to a high volume of requests it may take 24-hours or longer before we can respond to you. Currently, we are also only able to reply during our office operating hours of 9am to 6pm from Monday through Friday.

G-3. How can I contact the seller directly?

We're unable to give out the contact information for any of our sellers. If you have any questions that you would like to ask them, we kindly ask that you first send those questions to us. We will then translate your questions, forward them to the seller, and then notify you of their reply.

G-4. I received my parcel, but something is missing/broken.

We're very sorry for the inconvenience caused. Please send us photos of the item and/or parcel so that we can look into the problem.

In certain situations (e.g. if the seller isn't at fault), you'll have to file a complaint with your local courier or post office for a formal investigation to begin. In that case you'll need to provide them with a commercial invoice and photos of the parcel as it was delivered.

G-5. My package got sent back to Japan. Why, and what should I do?

Here are some possible reasons for a parcel being returned to us in Japan:

i. No contact from a recipient who was absent at the time of attempted delivery
ii. Holding period after an attempted delivery elapsed without collection by the recipient
iii. Shipping address unknown or non-existent
iv. Recipient no longer living at specified address
v. Recipient rejected the parcel at the time of delivery

We will contact you about parcels that have been (or are being) sent back to us.

Returned parcels will be stored by us for 4 weeks. If you don't arrange for them to be resent, the contents will be disposed of after that period.

G-7. I have other questions not listed here.

If you have already signed up, please contact us from your account page. If not, drop us a line via our contact form.