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From Vocaloid to VTubers: The World of Virtual Idols Explained

5/30/2022 10:48:37 PM

A convenient guide to the virtual idol fandom's past, present, and future. From Vocaloid to VTubers!

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Flashback: 8 Best Manga To Read When You're Stuck Indoors

4/22/2022 6:19:52 PM

Want some awesome manga recommendations to make staying indoors fun? Read our blog and discover 8 of the best!

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5 Anime Hikikomori Who Help You Bounce Back

3/21/2022 8:34:27 PM

Meet 5 anime hikikomori whose tales of redemption can help you bounce back from pandemic-induced isolation and social withdrawal.

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Anime Girls: 18 Cute Figures to Fawn Over This Year (Part 2)

3/3/2022 2:18:20 PM

Discover 18 cute anime girl figures hitting store shelves in 2022! The second blog in a two-part series.

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Flashback: 5 Best Anime Songs To Tell Someone You Love Them

2/6/2022 3:07:29 PM

Can’t find the right song or lyrics to dedicate to your loved one? These 5 musical messages from 2020-2021 anime will do just the trick.

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Dedicate Your Heart -- to Attack on Titan Merch!

1/17/2022 3:32:25 PM

Let Levi, Mikasa, and Eren live on in your Attack on Titan merch collection! Our essential primer and shopping guide for Attack on Titan merch.

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