Top 11 New Husbando Anime Figures that Belong in your Hands (2021–2022)

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Craving some epic new husbando anime figures to add to your collection? This list will give you 11 of the latest and greatest from 2021-2022!

Move aside waifus —the anime husbandos take center stage today!

With so many fantastic anime figures being pumped out of Japan each month, keeping up with all the newest, hottest releases can be quite the challenge — especially when you've got your favorite husbando waiting in the wings.

But we're here to help!

This blog post will give you a primer on some of the best recent or soon-to-be-released husbando figures you'll definitely want by your side, and show you where you can get your hands on other related merch from the franchise. These anime guys have captured the hearts of countless fans around the world for the strength, love, and kindness that they display each and every episode, and their newest plastic iterations are guaranteed to do the same!

Which husbandos made the list? Read on to find out!



Kyo Sohma Fruits Basket anime figureKyo Sohma Fruits Basket anime figure


Honorable Mention: Kyo Sohma (Fruits Basket)

Name of figure

Kyo Sohma Fruits Basket PX PVC 1/8 Scale Figure

Character quote

“I’m gonna take my place as a true member of the family!”

Release date

December 2020


The lovable tsundere of the Sohma family lives on in the hearts of Fruits Basket fans around the world, despite the anime having its final season in Spring 2021.

Of course, that’s nothing but a testament to the fact that Kyo will forever be Fruits Basket’s Best Boy — and that the show is, at its core, a story about deep bonds (not just between the characters, but with us fans too!).

Make sure your beloved memories of Kyo stay strong with this 1/8 scale figure of the Cat zodiac himself.

Kyo sits sulking on the ground, glaring at something in the distance (knowing him, probably Yuki). Dressed in his school uniform with his signature orange sneakers and red-and-white beaded bracelet, it’s the quintessential image of the Sohma brother we all know and love.

The figure even comes with a mini figurine of his cat form — same pout and all — as a reminder of the curse that took up so many years of his life.

#1: Ren Amamiya (Persona 5)

Name of figure

Ren Amamiya Persona 5: The Animation 1/7 Scale Figure

Character quote


Release date

May 2021


Is it narcissism if your favorite husbando is the character you assume the role of — essentially, yourself — in a video game?

Debatable, yes — but definitely not regrettable!

Ren, Joker, Akira, or whatever name you give to the protagonist of Persona 5 is a quiet, pure-hearted husbando who can steal your heart — true to the namesake of the group he finds himself in, the Phantom Thieves of Hearts.

This anime figure hit store shelves in May 2021, just a few months after the English version of action RPG Persona 5 Strikers arrived on PC and consoles. Nice timing indeed!

First, note the stylish wardrobe: it’s the return of the plaid pants! Dressed in his signature black-and-red school uniform, Ren sends you a knowing gaze — he’s already broken into your Palace and stolen your desires.

…Of course, if your desires involve buying cool anime figures like this one, there’s nothing to worry about!

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Levi Ackerman Attack on Titan anime figureLevi Ackerman Attack on Titan anime figure


#2: Levi Ackerman (Attack on Titan)

Name of figure

Levi Renewal Package Ver. Attack on Titan ARTFX J 1/8 Scale Figure

Character quote

“I think the best discipline is pain.”

Release date

October 2021

With fans patiently (or perhaps frantically, depending on who you ask) anticipating the arrival of Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 in January 2022, what better way to calm the nerves than this brand-new 1/8 scale figure of the captain of the Special Operations Squad himself.

His cold, almost lifeless eyes depict a man filled with hate and exhausted by the harrowing ordeals of war. From the dynamic motion of his Surveys Corps jacket and cape fluttering in the wind, to the intricate details on both his weapons and grappling hooks, this anime figure perfectly captures the greatness that is top-tier husbando Levi!

Hurtling over land and sea alike, Levi has his twin swords set on taking down every Titan unlucky enough to cross his path!

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Louis Beastars anime figure


#3: Louis (Beastars)

Name of figure

Louis of the Shishigumi Beastars 1/8 Scale Figure

Character quote

“Let go of your honor and pride, and be free.”

Release date

October 2021

Beastars hero and all-around good guy Louis is top husbando material — because beyond the cold persona he displays at school is a strong, enduring heart that is second to none. (So don’t ever call him fragile!)

This 1/8 scale anime figure shows Louis with a bit of a cocky sneer as he takes in the sight before him (i.e. you). He’s swapped out his naïve school uniform for a suave maroon suit more befitting of his role as Black Market boss.

We love the jacket haphazardly thrown around Louis’s shoulders and the dark tie and shirt ensemble that lets you know he’s not a kid anymore — now he’s all business.

Beastars Season 3 was announced in July 2021, so hopefully it won’t be too long before we see more of Louis on our screens again!

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Monkey D. Luffy One Piece anime figure


#4: Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece)

Name of figure

Portrait.Of.Pirates ONE PIECE “SA-MAXIMUM” Monkey D. Luffy Gear Four “Boundman” Ver.2

Character quote

“If you don’t take risks, you can’t create a future.”

Release date

November 2021

For some purists out there Luffy from One Piece might not be your typical husbando, but there’s no denying that he ranks among the top anime guys of all time — and has done so for decades.

Sure, you may not always see visual flashes of ikemen-ness with the Pirate King hopeful (at least compared to the other characters on this list). But Luffy’s ambition and heart know no bounds — and provide him with more than enough badass moments during the One Piece anime and manga to easily garner him the title of Best Boy!

Just check out the epic hype on display with this Luffy figure as he winds back to deliver a gargantuan punch, sending rival pirates and other baddies flying! The sheer size of his body make him a true behemoth and force to be reckoned with.

Complete with signature straw hat (flying off due to the force, no less!) and lovingly recreated chest scar, this highly detailed P.O.P iteration of Luffy will most definitely be worth your time.

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Kyojuro Rengoku Demon Slayer anime figure


#5: Kyojuro Rengoku (Demon Slayer)

Name of figure

Kyojuro Rengoku Demon Slayer: Infinity Train 1/8 Scale Figure

Character quote

“Set your heart ablaze, go beyond your limits!”

Release date

December 2021

Standing tall amidst a circle of determined flame, this anime figure perfectly recreates Rengoku’s signature post from Demon Slayer: Infinity Train, which broke all sorts of box office records around the world between both in 2020 and 2021.

Demon Slayer devotees were no doubt excited to see the Flame Hashira in action on the big screen — and we definitely anticipate that same fervor surrounding the release of his figure here!

Rengoku’s appearance is nothing short of epic in this figure: He stares out with passionate and intense eyes, his fiery cape and flame-colored hair blowing behind him in an invisible gust of wind. With his hand hovering over the hilt of his sword, Rengoku is ready and waiting to set his heart ablaze and slay demons that threaten his family and comrades!

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#6: Tsukasa Shishio (Dr. Stone)

Name of figure

Tsukasa Shishio Dr. Stone 1/9 Scale Figure

Character quote

“I’ll promise you one thing: you two will never be in danger again.”

Release date

December 2021


Season 2 of Dr. Stone: Stone Wars aired during the Winter 2021 anime season, with the finale confirming that a season 3 is in the works too. Though no official dates have come out yet, the 12-month gap between previous seasons could very well mean we see more of Senku Ishigami’s escapades in 2022.

Whether or not that means more of Tsukasa Shishio — the towering husbando and former series antagonist whose fate seemed all but sealed in the season 2 finale — remains to be seen. So if you need something to satisfy your Tsukasa cravings, add this imposing anime figure to your treasure trove!

This Tsukasa figure sees the Strongest High School Primate standing tall atop a pile of rubble, clutching a massive spear and clad in a removable lion pelt. You can just imagine the sort of chaos and destruction he left in his wake before assuming this pose.

Whether it be Tsukasa’s formidable strength or his undying love for his family, this is definitely one husbando you’ll want on your side!

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#7: Neku Sakuraba (The World Ends With You)

Name of figure

Neku The World Ends With You The Animation ARTFX J 1/8 Scale Figure

Character quote

“You’re blocking my view.”

Release date

January 2022


The long-awaited anime adaptation of Square-Enix’s beloved RPG The World Ends With You graced our screens in the Spring 2021 anime season. It also segued nicely into the release of a video game sequel, Neo: The World Ends With You, at the end of July 2021.

All of that means that protagonist Neku is officially back in business, and he’s gunning for the top spots in husbando rankings for 2021 — which makes it only natural, then, that an epic anime figure hit the market too!

Neku strikes a dynamic pose on the stylish black-and-grey streets of Shibuya here, with the splashes of rainbow on the ground a reminder of his awesome power. The figure captures his unique art style to a tee and comes complete with everything from signature spiky hair, funnel-shaped collar, and headset drowning out the rest of the world.

The World Has its Eyes On You is more like it!

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Hawks My Hero Academia anime figureHawks My Hero Academia anime figure


#8: Hawks (My Hero Academia)

Name of figure

Hawks My Hero Academia ARTFX J 1/8 Scale Figure

Character quote

“How excessive…”

Release date

January 2022


Keigo Takami, otherwise known as the Wing Hero: Hawks, quickly became a fan favorite and new heartthrob of the My Hero Academia franchise after his first appearance in the middle of Season 5 this year.

Has this cool, carefree, and intelligent winged crusader swept you off your feet too? If so, what better way to get to know him more — and share your love— than with a brand-new anime figure presenting him in all his heroic glory!

Hawks’ 1/8 scale figure stands precariously (if not dramatically) on two rock faces, no doubt ready to take flight and live up to his status of Pro Hero. We love the detail and impact of his vivid scorched red wings — especially since they’re offset so perfectly by Hawks’ calm, collected eyes and confident smirk.

Pre-orders are currently closed for the Hawks My Hero Academia ARTFX J, but never fear — heroes never sleep! Check out more Hawks merch at ZenPlus below.

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#9: Satoru Gojo (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Name of figure

Satoru Gojo Jujutsu Kaisen “Mappa Showcase” 1/7 Scale Figure

Character quote

“Don’t worry. I’m the strongest.”

Release date

February 2022


Hype surrounding December 2021's Jujutsu Kaisen 0 movie is in full swing, so it’s the perfect time this epic husbando to burst onto the anime figure scene once again in all his 1/7 scale glory.

Gojo-sensei has legions of fans (though certain characters in Jujutsu Kaisen definitely wouldn’t be counted among them), and for good reason: his powers are unmatched, and he’s got the whole “cool uncle” mentor vibe down pat.

With one leg propped up on his purple pedestal (an original design from figure makers F:NEX), this Gojo figure is literally oozing self-confidence. See how he nonchalantly pulls down his blindfold to reveal his Six Eyes jujutsu — and give baddies an idea of all the troubles that may follow!

What’s especially cool is that Gojo isn’t confined to the pedestal: you can place him on top of a noodle cup, a PC tower, or pretty much any other flat surface!

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#10: Shirou Emiya (Fate)

Name of figure

Shirou Emiya Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya: Vow in the Snow 1/7 Scale Figure

Character quote

“Even if I’m a fraud, I know my dream isn’t wrong.”

Release date

March 2022


This anime figure is based on Shirou’s appearance in the Vow in the Snow movie that served as a prequel to the Fate/kaleid liner property. Vow in the Snow has its fair share of dark moments and motifs, and that clearly shows here.

With fire burning in his hand (and his eyes) and a line of swords carved into the snow behind him, Shirou has never looked more dramatic. His shirt and coat are in tatters, revealing painful-looking slash wounds underneath — giving, suddenly, a lot more weight to his infamous “People die if they are killed…” line that has become the stuff of legend.

Indeed, it’s no fun and games with this Shirou. He’s ready to fight to the end — and you wouldn’t want to be in his path.

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#11: Shinji Ikari (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Name of figure

Shinji Ikari RADIO EVA Ver. 1/7 Scale Figure

Character quote

“You can be proud of yourself.”

Release date

July 2022


“Get in the damn robot, Shinji!” memes aside, this hapless middle schooler demonstrates tremendous strength (albeit internal conflict) time and time again as he tackles the monumental task of saving the world in Neon Genesis Evangelion.

This 1/7 scale anime figure is the fifth instalment in a series designed to commemorate 10 years since the launch of RADIO EVA, a fashion line and store inspired by the Evangelion franchise. And with the final movie, Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time, finally airing in the Western world on August 13, what impeccable timing!

The figure gives you a bittersweet glimpse into the “normal” life that Shinji could have had, ditching his plain old school uniform for some more casual threads. (We especially like the Beatles-inspired design of the “Beast” lettering on his sweater.)

With his piercing gaze, slight grin, and unique pose, it’s as if everyone's favorite anime boy pilot is strutting his stuff down a fashion show runway!

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Recap: Top 11 New Husbando Anime Figures (2021–2022)

Here's a quick summary of all the new husbando anime figures we put under the microscope in this blog post.

Honorable Mention

Kyo Sohma (Fruits Basket)

Top 11 New Husbando Anime Figures (2021–2022)

  1. Ren Amamiya (Persona 5)
  2. Levi Ackerman (Attack on Titan)
  3. Louis (Beastars)
  4. Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece)
  5. Kyojuro Rengoku (Demon Slayer)
  6. Tsukasa Shishio (Dr. Stone)
  7. Neku Sakuraba (The World Ends With You)
  8. Hawks (My Hero Academia)
  9. Satoru Gojo (Jujutsu Kaisen)
  10. Shirou Emiya (Fate)
  11. Shinji Ikari (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Between the amazing level of detail and the oftentimes larger-than-life poses, we can safely say that every single one of these husbandos would make an awesome addition to your anime figure collection!

Though the focus today was on cool ikemen, there's obviously countless game and anime girls out there to balance things out in your collection. If it's wonderful waifus you're after, head on over to our cute anime figures spotlight for 2022 and get some inspiration!


Over to You!

Who are some of your favorite husbandos?

How big is your anime figure collection at the moment?

What other cool anime merch besides figures do you own?

Let us know on social media (TwitterInstagramFacebook)! We’d love to hear from you!

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