kawaii shinada-global japan-plus-me
Mochi Otter Fashion: The Art of Plush Clothing

9/19/2022 5:14:17 PM

Power up your passion by dressing your Shinada Global plushies in cute outfits! Discover the art of plush clothing and read up on ways to get started.

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food japan-plus-me
Japanese Cuisine Dreams: From Architect to Chef

9/5/2022 4:45:43 PM

An inside look at working in the Japanese food industry -- from a former architect and eternal foodie who followed his passion.

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anime japan-plus-me hatsune-miku
What I Love About the Hatsune Miku Fandom

8/29/2022 11:20:10 AM

Intrigued by Hatsune Miku and other Vocaloid characters? Read this influencer's story about the Hatsune Miku fandom and why it's one worth joining!

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traditional kimono japan-plus-me
Roots Revisted: Keeping the Spirit of Japanese Kimono Alive

8/22/2022 10:04:28 AM

Love kimono? Discover how this Japanese American became a licensed kimono stylist and teacher in Osaka.

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kawaii shinada-global japan-plus-me
Shinada Global Otters: Love at First Squish

8/15/2022 6:13:36 PM

What makes Shinada Global otters so lovable and popular? Hint: It's not just the kawaii vibes. Find out more in this touching personal story!

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fishing outdoors japan-plus-me
Why I Choose Daiwa Fishing Reels 

6/8/2022 4:16:58 PM

Discover why Japanese Daiwa reels are the go-to fishing equipment for this avid angler from Wisconsin.

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