9 Best Matcha Snacks to Buy From Japan

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Join the green tea parade! We count down the 9 best matcha snacks and sweets you can buy online from Japan!

Matcha is the fine green tea powder you get from grinding specially grown and harvested tea leaves. Its relaxing aroma, impactful umami taste, and various calming effects make matcha snacks a popular souvenir request for those vacationing in Japan.

But now, with travel to Japan unfortunately becoming more difficult by the day, scores of matcha enthusiasts and curious readers like yourself are turning to online marketplaces like ZenPlus as a way to get their matcha treat fix.

There’s just one slight problem:

The sheer volume and variety available!

But don’t worry. If you’re finding yourself spoiled for choice — and being hesitant to embark on your gourmet green tea adventure as a result — then this blog post is for you.

We’ll guide you through our top 9 picks for the very best matcha snacks that you can easily buy online, for both you and your loved ones.

So kick back with your tea cup (or bowl, as per tea ceremony norms), and let the green tea parade begin!



#9: Fresh Cream Matcha Chocolates


Furuta Confectionery

Closer look

Furuta Confectionery is based right here in Osaka, and has been in the candy game for almost 70 years (as of this initial writing). Its offerings — cookies, pies, jellies, and chocolates — are known for being exceptionally high quality without breaking the bank too; who doesn’t love that?

In the case of Fresh Cream Matcha Chocolates, that last part isn’t just an empty promise either: Furuta adds gyokuro into the mix, which — as we mentioned in our Japanese tea guide — is the finest grade of matcha you’ll find! What’s more, the gyokuro comes from Kyoto’s Kitagawa Hanbee, tea connoisseurs that opened for business all the way back in 1861.

Who would’ve thought premium matcha sweets could be so easy on the wallet? Furuta Confectionery, we raise a glass (or tea cup?) to you and say arigatou gozaimasu!

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#8: Saku Saku Panda Matcha Cookies



Closer look

Japanese snacks have a knack for being absolutely adorable, and Saku Saku Panda cookies are no exception.

These chocolatey pandas and their cute facial expressions will definitely put a smile on your face - so much that you may even be hesitant to gulp them down at all.

Still, rest assured you'll be in for a real treat when it comes time to actually take a bite: a delightfully crispy crunch (sakusaku means "crispy") and a generous chunk of delicious matcha chocolate.

Don't worry about overindulging, either: the biscuit acts as a perfect counterbalance to the sweetness of the chocolate surrounding it. the sweetness of chocolate.

Saku Saku Panda cookies come in handy resealable packs too, meaning you don't have to stuff yourself in one sitting. It's all about maximizing your matcha happiness and getting the most bang for your buck!

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#7: Matcha Kinako Soybeans

Tea Tsuboichi Matcha Kinako Soybean


Tea Tsuboichi

Closer look

Who says tasty snacks have to be unhealthy by nature? Japan produces a wealth of organic munchies that aren’t an all-out assault on your internals, and Tea Tsuboichi’s Matcha Kinako Soybeans are a prime example.

These roasted non-GMO soybeans have a just-one-more addictiveness to them, without the cholesterol levels or artificial additives that run rampant in popcorn or potato chips. That makes them perfect for long Netflix or gaming sessions, and not a second of feeling guilty or gluttonous at all!

Though of course nothing beats a balanced diet and real physical exercise, for the days when you just want to take a load off and give in to your desires, Tea Tsuboichi’s Matcha Kinako Soybeans have got you and your taste buds covered.

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#6: Matcha Castella Cakes

Sanseisha Matcha Castella Cake



Closer look

Sure, old-fashioned etiquette dictates that desserts be eaten at the dining table (and for many people, after the actual meal). But sometimes you just want to enjoy the mouthwatering matcha moment and be one with the tasty treat; no knife, fork, or plate needed. Whenever that happens, it’s Sanseisha to the rescue — with these individually wrapped matcha castella cakes!

These cute little packages are just the right size for a quick matcha fix. Pop a cake into your mouth in one swift motion without getting crumbs all over your hands, then kick back with your favorite book on your favorite couch and feel the hours slip away.

What really makes Matcha Castella Cakes special is the subtle layers of sweetness; the cake positively melts in your mouth, with different stages of deliciousness, over time. And when it’s all over, you’ll feel like the whole world — not just the munching — has stopped!

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#5: Matcha Kuzumochi

Kyohare Matcha Kuzumochi



Closer look

Kuzumochi is jelly made from kuzu (Japanese arrowroot) starch, sugar, and water. The kuzu starch acts as a thickening agent and helps give the snack its mochi-like texture (without actually being “mochi” per se).

With a lavish topping of kinako (deep-roasted soybean flour) and brown sugar syrup, these matcha kuzumochi might just be the most unique and creative (not to mention decadent) entry on this list. One thing’s for sure: if you’re in the mood for truly authentic Japanese sweets, these will deliver in spades.

If you’re worried that this authenticity automatically means a language barrier between you and Kyohare, don’t be! ZenPlus has a handy Ask About This Item feature that lets you inquire about anything and everything listed in our marketplace. Simply ask your question in English, and our multilingual support team will relay it to the seller in Japanese for you! We’ll then translate the seller’s reply into English and pass it on to you so you get the info you’re after.

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#4: Matcha Nama Yatsuhashi

Higashiyama Nama Yatsuhashi


Higashiyama Yatsuhashi Honpo

Closer look

These gourmet goodies combine some of the most resourceful ingredients in Japanese sweet cuisine — mochi (gelatinous rice flour) and matcha — into a neat little package. (Note that each package also contains a set of regular cinnamon-flavored yatsuhashi.)

Yatsuhashi can actually come in various forms:

  • Baked solid
  • Soft and raw (unbaked) with various fillings like red bean paste
  • Raw with no filling

The unbaked, unfilled variety is what these matcha types are.

“Less is more,” “simple is best,” and other minimalist concepts are common mantras in Japan, so why not enjoy them as part of your gourmet lifestyle? No gimmicks, no major fusion of flavors vying for your time — just pure matcha bliss laid bare!

If you’ve been longing to visit Kyoto all your life but haven’t been able to, Higashiyama Matcha Nama Yatsuhashi might just the ticket you need to take you there!

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#3: Matcha Chocolate Cookies

Hitokoto Uji Matcha Chocolate Cookies


Kanei Hitokoto

Closer look

If ever there were a snack that represented the very concept of harmony, this would be it.

These Matcha Chocolate Cookies are the perfect blend of sweet, bitter, and savory, which means you save both time and money when you’re browsing the shopping aisle. If you’ve ever been overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choice that supermarkets and specialty stores provide, munchies like this that check all the boxes can simply be a godsend.

Hitokoto’s website explains the core pillars of its product range:

  1. Aroma of Japanese tea and the country’s beautiful seasons
  2. Warmth of the relaxing time and environment created
  3. Beauty of the food and drink’s aesthetic
  4. Texture and feel of the premium ingredients

In short, if it’s a pure Japanese experience you’re after, these cookies are just the ticket you need!

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#2: Cha-Colate Sandwich Cookies

Nakamura Tokichi Cha-colate


Nakamura Tokichi

Closer look

Nakamura Tokichi is definitely a name that plenty of matcha maniacs around the world will be familiar with. And with six whole generations of tea-loving activities under their belt, why wouldn’t it be?

The company runs two main stores: its flagship location next to Uji train station, and a branch not far from the historic Byodoin temple. Both shops are in Kyoto and are prime tourist spots for domestic and international travelers alike. Fortunately, though, ZenPlus ensures you don’t need to be in Japan to be able to enjoy Nakamura Tokichi’s delicious matcha offerings!

Cha-colate is a portmanteau of chocolate and cha (the latter being the Japanese word for “tea”). The naming couldn’t have been better, either, as each cookie sandwich is a marvelous marriage of rich chocolate and fabulous matcha flavor!

Luxurious indeed!

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#1: Matcha Kit Kat




Closer look

One of the easiest ways to introduce yourself (or your customers) to a decidedly acquired taste like matcha is to blend it with an already beloved snack treat.

Case in point: the endless popularity of Matcha Kit Kats.

Nestlé Japan generously graces us with a huge range of unique Kit Kat flavors every year, and it’s no surprise that matcha counts itself among them. What’s awesome, though, is the fact that even within that matcha category you’ll find a host of different varieties on store shelves!

Here’s some examples:

  • Regular matcha flavor
  • Double Berry & Almond
  • Sophisticated Sweetness, featuring gyokuro leaves
  • Whole Tea Leaf

Our favorite is Matcha Tiramisu — a true case of East meets West.

Regular Matcha

Most original taste

13 pc. x 3 Bags 14 pc. x 12 Bags


Highest grade green tea

12 pc. x 2 Bags 12 pc. x 12 Bags


Koi Matcha

Thick tea for a deep taste

12 pc. x 1 Bag 12 pc. x 3 Bags


Recap: 9 Best Matcha Snacks to Buy From Japan

Here’s the complete list of matcha snacks we looked at in this post.

  1. Matcha Kit Kat
  2. Cha-Colate Sandwich Cookies
  3. Matcha Chocolate Cookies
  4. Matcha Nama Yatsuhashi
  5. Matcha Kuzumochi
  6. Matcha Castella Cakes
  7. Matcha Kinoko Soybeans
  8. Saku Saku Panda Matcha Cookies
  9. Fresh Cream Matcha Chocolates

Get a taste of these awesome Japanese treats and you’ll be feeling like a matcha-loving local in no time!


Make Way for Matcha

Matcha sweets and snacks are making their mark on the world! This once-Japan-exclusive delicacy continues to grow in popularity around the globe - be it with foodies, Japanophiles, café lovers, or even none of the above!

Our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Itohkyuemon, Nakamura Tokichi, and the other matcha makers on this list for their unwavering efforts to spread matcha and other Japanese cuisine far and wide.

Craving these and other matcha goodies now? Click the button below to visit our entire range of matcha sweets, snacks, and other food & drink.

We ship worldwide, which means we can all explore the wonderful world of matcha together!

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Over to You!

What are you favorite matcha sweets and brands?

Do you prefer mainstream options or more local varieties made at home?

Let us know in the comments or drop us a line on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook)! We’d love to hear from you!

ZenPlus is your one-stop shop for all things Japanese. Visit us for tons of authentic Japanese sweets and snacks, direct from Osaka to you!



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