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Discover how ZenPlus can help you experience your very own shopping spree in Japan — from wherever you are in the world!

Welcome to the complete guide to ZenPlus!

No doubt you're here because you're eager to get your hands on authentic goods direct from Japan to your door, without the stress and hassle that can often accompany online shopping from other countries.

Here at ZenPlus, we promise to help you do just that — faster, easier, safer, and smarter than ever before.

Read on to find out all about ZenPlus and how we can connect you with all those Japanese products you've had on your wishlist for so long!



Challenges: Buying from Japan

Japan and its culture continues to hold a special place in the hearts of many people around the world. Whether it be anime, delicious cuisine, kawaii characters like Hello Kitty, or traditional elements like kimono and tea ceremony, one thing is clear: the popularity of Japanese products knows no bounds.

But buying from Japan can be a challenging affair. You'll no doubt have found yourself struggling with the following pain points and concerns on more than one occasion when shopping from Japan elsewhere:

  • How do I learn specific things details about an item if I can't read Japanese?
  • Who can I rely on to properly communicate requests to a seller if I can't speak Japanese?
  • Where can I check to see if a store in an online marketplace like Amazon or eBay is legit?
  • Why can I never find truly Japan-exclusive products online that can be shipped overseas online?

Not anymore, though.

Because that’s where ZenPlus comes in.

Continue reading to discover who we are and how we operate! 


What is ZenPlus?

ZenPlus is an online marketplace connecting Japan and its products with people living overseas, wherever they may be. Our specially curated platform of 1,400 trusted sellers and the 7 million authentic products they offer ensures you’ll find exactly what it is you’re after — with a simple tap or click of a button.

ZenPlus is optimized for cross-border trade, offering plenty of support and a host of convenient shipping and payment methods to make shopping from Japan as easy and as smooth as possible.

We’re located right in the heart of Osaka, Japan, so if it’s something Japanese you’re after, rest assured we know where to look!


How does ZenPlus work?

ZenPlus acts as a dedicated bridge between you and Japan — you could say we’re your very own personal shopper in the Land of the Rising Sun!

After you place an order, the seller will send your purchases to our ZenPlus warehouse right here in Osaka. Once there, we’ll inspect the products and prepare them for international delivery via the most suitable method for your order.

After shipping, you’ll receive a tracking number that you can use to constantly monitor the parcel’s status as it makes its way to you from all the way across the globe!


How ZenPlus works (PC)

How ZenPlus works (mobile)


Benefits: Why choose ZenPlus?

So just what are the benefits of using ZenPlus to discover the Japanese marketplace, and how do we help you overcome the challenges mentioned earlier?

Let's take a look.

Benefit #1: Best selection of items at competitive prices

You'll find more than 1,400 storefronts and upwards of 7 million items on ZenPlus — and many more on the way, as we're constantly on the lookout for more unique Japanese sellers to add to our ever-growing base! In short, you're bound to find exactly what you're after — no matter what it may be.

Benefit #2: Smooth, enjoyable shopping experience

You shop, we ship! That's one of the key takeaways of the service we provide.

We take care of the entire logistics side of things so that you have more time and energy to focus on what you came to do: browse, search, and shop fantastic products from Japan! With close to 10 years' experience in purchasing, selling, and exporting goods abroad, we'll make sure your journey through the Japanese marketplace is as smooth and as enjoyable as possible.

Benefit #3: No language barriers

ZenPlus has a dedicated team of multilingual customer support managers on hand around the clock to help you effortlessly communicate with Japanese store owners, whether it be questions, requests, or other matters. We'll be introducing more language versions over time too — all staffed by friendly, professional native speakers  to assist you at any time in your native tongue.

Want to learn more about that item you’ve been eyeing? Ask about it direct from the item page in seconds — our multilingual support managers will translate your question into Japanese and forward it straight to the seller for clarification. No language barriers here!

Ask sellers questions about products

Benefit #4: Support local business and global ties

By using ZenPlus, you can say goodbye for good to the concept of "Japan only." With a wealth of experience and professional connections in Japan, we're able to curate a treasure trove of unique Japanese products and manufacturers — all of which had never made their way into the overseas market before. It's all about forging and strengthening a global community, and we're thankful you're on board!

Benefit #5: Tailored shipping options best suited to your order

We have strong partnerships with couriers and postal services around the world, allowing us to use more than 12 separate shipping methods to get your items to you safe and sound. Each method is categorized as either Express or Standard shipping in order to streamline the order process for you.


Guide: How to use ZenPlus

Here’s an in-depth guide on how to use ZenPlus to buy Japanese products online, from search to the point of sale.

Step #1: Search or browse our massive range

At ZenPlus there’s more than 5 million quality Japanese items just waiting to be discovered and brought home.

Got something in mind that you want to look for? Click on the Search hourglass in the top menu and enter your keyword(s). Our powerful search function will comb through item names, descriptions, and other data and populate the search results screen with all the relevant results. You can sort results by relevance, price, and date of listing.

Click a sub-category in the left sidebar on the search results screen to only show results from that sub-category. You'll also find convenient search operators like price, discount status, and brand, plus you it’s even possible to change the site currency! There's a whole lot of freedom and flexibility on offer.

Search results screen on ZenPlus

 Just browsing for now? That’s okay too! Start off with any one of our many main categories (they're accessible from the top menu) and see where your journey takes you. As above, once you’re in a main category you can then dive into a host of convenient sub-categories and go even deeper.

You can even combine both methods by browsing a category first and then performing a search within that specific category only. Simply pick the Selected Category option in the drop-down menu pictured below. You'll find it on any category results screen.

Step #2: Add products to your cart

Click the Add to Cart button on any product page to place that item in your shopping cart. You can add single units manually or edit the number in the Quantity box to add multiple units at once.

Product page on ZenPlus

A green confirmation message will appear at the bottom of your browser window each time you successfully add a product.

Click the shopping cart icon in the top menu to view the contents of your cart.

Step #3: Set shipping options at checkout

From your shopping cart, click the Proceed to Checkout button to begin the checkout process.

For your convenience, there’s no need to sign up at this stage. Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Enter a valid email address (we’ll send your order confirmation to it) and click Continue. You’ll be taken to the full checkout screen showing your order details.
  2. Fill out your order details.
  • Delivery Address: Enter your name, address, and phone number.
  • Delivery Method: Choose either Express or Standard, depending on availability.

Checkout screen on ZenPlus

Note: If you’ve already signed up to ZenPlus and are currently logged in at the time you click Proceed to Checkout, you’ll skip Step 1 above and move directly to the full checkout screen. Signing up and becoming a registered member has a host of great benefits, which we’ll get into in Step #5 below.

Step #4: Select payment options, apply any discount coupons, and complete checkout

Select how to pay for your order, and what currency to use. Please be aware that you may be taken to the website of the payment gateway to complete the transaction (depending on which payment method you choose).

Payment method option on ZenPlus

Upon checkout completion, you’ll be taken to an order confirmation screen. We’ll also send you an email (to the address provided in Step 1 above) for your records.

If you have any discount promo codes, add them in the Promo Code box!

Promo code box

Step #5: Validate your account for future shopping

Confirm your email address in order to validate your account and keep using it as a fully registered member of ZenPlus.

Validating your account grants you permanent access to all the convenient perks that ZenPlus has to offer, such as:

  • Your own personal product wishlist
  • Saved delivery addresses and payment details
  • Order and product view history
  • Question and messaging system
  • Exclusive sale and discount news

Ready to validate your account and enjoy the benefits above?

Click the Account silhouette icon in the top menu to access your temporary user dashboard. You’ll see the following message at the top.

Confirm email message

Click the message link to begin the confirmation process. We’ll send a unique code to your email address that you can then use to validate your account.

Use the confirmation code to validate your email and create an account!

Email confirmation code box

Discount: Promo code for new members!

Sign up now for a free ZenPlus account and we'll send you a welcome email containing a discount promo code for 300 yen!

It's a small token of appreciation for joining the ZenPlus community and helping to connect Japan with the rest of the world.

Your Japanese online shopping spree is about to begin! Sign up and get your promo code today!


Japanese food


Support: We’re here for you

ZenPlus is an exciting bridge between you and Japan — but obviously any bridge left untended is prone to collapse.

Our multilingual customer support team is here for you around the clock so that your bridge is as reliable and as sturdy as it needs to be. Be it special requests, product questions, order status, feedback, or other concerns, they’re committed to ensuring your satisfaction.

If you’ve already signed up as a member, you can find a dedicated message system just for you by clicking Questions in the left sidebar of your account page.

If you haven’t bought anything from us yet, drop us a line via our contact form here.

For general questions about ZenPlus and buying from Japan, you might find just the answer you’re looking for at our convenient Help (FAQs) page. Do be sure to check it out if there’s something you’re not sure about at first!


Ready to start shopping?

Thanks for reading through this guide and tutorial for ZenPlus!

By now you should have all you need to know to get your Japanese shopping spree well and truly underway — and we’re delighted to be able to help you on your journey.

Click or tap the button below to sign up for your free ZenPlus account today!


Sign Up Here!


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