General Information

What is ZenPlus?

ZenPlus is a shopping platform. Japanese sellers list their items on ZenPlus to be purchased by customers living outside Japan. ZenPlus is optimized for cross border trade and has plenty of shipping and payment methods to ensure a smooth shopping experience.

Who runs ZenPlus?

ZenPlus is operated by ZenMarket Inc., a Japanese company located in Osaka. You can check our corporate site for more details.

How does it work?

ZenPlus as a service is in between you and a seller. You don't deal with sellers directly. Of course, you can ask seller questions, but all the communication passes our support staff. Sellers also don't ship directly to you. Sellers first send their items to our warehouse and then we repack the items and send them to you.

After you place an order, we notify the seller. Once your order is ready, the seller will send the items to our warehouse. We will inspect the items and will prepare them for the international shipping. Then we will ship the items to you and will send you the tracking number, so you can track the delivery.

How can I contact you?

You can contact us via a contact form


What payment methods do you accept?

At the moment we accept debit/credit bank cards and PayPal. We will be adding more payment methods within a year.

Do I need an account to order?

Yes, ordering is available only after the registration

Can I cancel my order?

Your order can be cancelled if it was not shipped yet to you. However we will charge you cancelation fees if the seller already dispatched the item to our warehouse.


How much does shipping cost?

The shipping cost is shown in the cart before you place an order. This is the final cost and we will not charge you any additional fees.

Can I choose a shipping method?

No, you can't choose a shipping method. We automatically choose a shipping method best suited for your order.

On the other hand, if you need to choose a shipping method, we recommend to use our proxy shipping service ZenMarket, which has all the possible options you might think of.

Can you change the declared value?

No, we can't change the declared value.

Can you mark the item as a gift?

No, we can't mark the item as a gift. We are obligated to mark all items as a merchandise.

Is there a tracking service available?

Yes, all packages are trackable. The tracking link is accessible from My account page and is available after the shipping.

Do I have to pay customs duties?

It depends on your country and the customs regulations. But, yes, in general, if the customs require you to pay the duties you have to pay them. Our service does not cover duties and import taxes.

What countries do you ship to?

We ship to all countries.

What shipping methods do you use?

We use more than 12 shipping methods (EMS, FedEx, DHL, UPS, SF Express etc.)

When will you ship my order?

Your order is processed in two steps. First the seller has to send items to our warehouse, and then we have to prepare them for international shipping and send to you.

We usually process items at our warehouse within 2 business days, so if you are waiting long, there must be a delay on the seller's side. Please contact our support from Order page to check for details.

I need help

I can't confirm my account.

There is a chance that the confirmation email got marked as Spam. Please check your Spam folder.

Another chance is that you misspelled your email. Please check if the address is correct.

At last try to resend an email. If it does not help, please contact us.

My payment does not go through.

To begin with, try to use another bank card or another payment method. There is a possibility that your bank is blocking cross-border payments. Please try to contact your bank and confirm, that there are no restrictions.

If you are using a debit cart, there might be not enough funds on your account. On the other hand, if you are using a credit card, you might hit you monthly credit limits.

Payment errors are hard to troubleshoot, because we can't see the error details for security reasons. However if your card got charged, but the payment did not go through on ZenPlus side, please contact us.

I don't want to pay customs duties.

Paying duties is your responsibility. Our service does not cover customs duties and import taxes.

My package has not arrived yet, it might be missing.

Packages can get lost. If the tracking of your package is not updated for more than a month, please contact us

Something is missing or broken.

Please take enough photos to show us the problem. Then send those photos or a link to them to us for investiogation.

My package got send back to Japan.

Please contact us and we will handle the returned package.

I want to return/replace an item or get a refund.

All cases are unique, please contact us for details.

How can I contact you?

If you are registered already, please contact us from My Account page. If you are not registered yet, contact us from the contact form.