5 Japanese Anti-Aging Skin Care Products You Need to Try

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Keep your skin young and beautiful with these top Japanese cosmetics!

Have you ever wondered how Japanese people can still look so young, and what is their anti-aging secret for flawless skin?

Genetics, climate, and a healthy diet all play a part -- but cosmetics also play a huge part.

Want to know more?

Read on and discover the secret to young skin!




How does skin age?

As we age, skin turnover slows down, making it more difficult for the skin to produce its own moisturizing ingredients.

In addition, since the amount of sebum secreted decreases, the skin tends to become dryer, the amount of collagen and hyaluronic acid in the dermis layer decreases, and dark spots may start appearing on the skin. This lead to wrinkles and loss of elasticity, especially after entering the 40s.



Difference between anti-aging lotions and moisturizers

Compared to general moisturizing lotions, anti-aging lotions tend to contain more highly functional moisturizing and anti-aging ingredients, making them the perfect choice to fight dryness and improve skin firmness.

If you feel that your skin has become more dry than usual, or that your skin condition has started changing, try using an anti-aging lotion instead of a normal moisturizer for better results.

Aging care lotions are highly moisturizing compared to general moisturizing lotions, and can be expected to work to prevent dryness and rough skin.

Remember to always check to see if products contain anti-aging ingredients such as niacinamide, astaxanthin, collagen, plant extracts, and fermented liquid that improve the skin's firmness.



It is also recommended to choose quasi-drugs that contain active whitening ingredients such as placenta extract, vitamin C derivatives, 4MSK, and tranexamic acid, as they can easily cover skin problems. 

Another easy checklist for the best anti-aging products is:

・Low in ethanol

・No fragrances

・Low vegetal extracts

・Low essential oils


Top anti-aging products

The Japanese anti-aging industry is the world’s second-largest market for cosmetics and personal care products after the U.S., with domestic yearly revenue of over $15 billion in 2021.

But why are Japanese cosmetics considered some of the best in the world?

First of all, Japanese consumers have always been very selective and value-conscious. All the products in Japan not only have to provide excellent results but must also be nicely designed, packaged, and promoted. 

Also, the Japanese skincare industry is one of the oldest in the world: Japanese “obsession” with skincare started centuries ago, with the first Japanese cosmetics manufacturer, which is still a major player in the industry, starting selling in 1615.

Ready to start looking younger?

Scroll down to check the top 5 Japanese anti-aging products for 2022.


1. Oilfleur products

Our top pick is the high-quality range from Japanese brand OILFLEUR.

Not only are Oilfleur's products often featured in Japanese beauty and lifestyle magazines, they've also appeared among the Top 100 Products in Amazon’s Japan Store, where only the most reliable Japanese products reside.


FLEUR LOTION and OIL FLEUR REBORN in particular have an exclusive patented composition that makes them a top player in the anti-aging industry, bringing the following benefits to your skin:

1. Normalizing the skin's turnover 

As the human metabolism slows down with age, the turnover of our skin also gradually declines. Every single product of the FLEUR line contains hydrogen ion, which penetrates deep and stimulates skin turnover.

2. Revitalization of the skin

“Bad” oxygen radicals grow in number as we age -- whether it be from fatigue, air pollution, our mask-wearing lifestyle, or mental stress. The nano platinum contained in Fleur Lotion will diminish that “bad” radical oxygen, helping to stop skin aging. 

3. Boosting the skin density 

The hydrogen ion has the ability to boost the production of type 1 collagen. However, the collagen molecule is too big to be effective as it is, meaning that it will have little to no positive effect on the skin. 

To solve this problem, the collagens used in Fleur Lotion are made up of smaller molecules to ensure they work their magic on the skin. Also, hydrogen nanobubbles, making up a third of the lotion's ingredient, will stimulate the production of collagen type 1 the moment it comes in contact with the skin. 

4. Brighter skin tone

Once the hydrogen nano bubble in Fleur Lotion comes in touch with the skin, the 200,000 pores existing on our face alone react immediately. 

The hydrogen particles in Oil Fleur react with the moisture of the Fleur Lotion and rejuvenate the hydrogen ion once again. The hydrogen ion created from this double effect will last up to 12 hours.

These products penetrate deep into the skin layer and melanin, so you'll have clearer, more radiant skin before you know it!

Let's look at the Oilfleur range in more detail.


Fleur Lotion

Fleur Lotion

Additives are kept at a minimum while adding proteoglycan, placenta, chondroitin, and orange peel extracts during the manufacturing process. Not only will your skin be positively glowing, you'll also notice a definite improvement in your wrinkles and skin firmness overall. The best results can be expected when used in combination with Oil Fleur REBORN. It has a delicately sweet scent of natural oranges.



Buy Fleur Lotion Here


Cellist Technical Cream

Cellist technical cream

(1) Contains plenty of human umbilical cord blood stem cell culture fluid, a nutrient that is increasing in popularity for its smoothing and anti-aging effects.

(2) Adjusts the texture of the glossy skin thanks to skin-beautifying fungi, fermented soy milk, and water-soluble milk

(3) Contains arbutin to suppress melanin

(4) Contains 3 types of seaweed ingredients to increase skin smoothing

(5) Sweet and pleasant smell with an original blend of sweet orange, lavender, and yuzu



Buy Cellist Technical Cream Here


Oil Fleur Reborn

Oil fleur reborn

This raw serum is manufactured carefully without boiling it, in order to maximize its moisturization and regeneration properties.

It is a non-chemical, jojoba-oil base formula consisting of weak hydrogen-generating powder, human stem cells, placenta, and human ceramide, all of which are proven to work as anti-aging ingredients. 

All products have been awarded at the Mrs. Japan Grand Prix Final event, which even further helped them to gain popularity as anti-aging skincare solutions.

Moreover, the serum has a pleasant light citrus scent that makes it perfect to use at every time of the day.



Buy Oil Fleur Reborn Here



2. Dr. Ci: Labo VC 100


Dr. Ci: Labo's VC100 Essence Lotion EX is a whitening lotion that is also recommended for aging care.

Aging care ingredients

1. High-penetration vitamin C derivative, APPS, fullerene

2. Extra-moisturizing ingredients

3. Ceramides (5 types)

The lineup contains 44 types of beauty ingredients, including a multi-faceted approach to various signs of aging such as spots and wrinkles.


3. Free Plus

"Moist Repair Lotion 2 Moist type" from free plus, a brand for sensitive skin.

With a rich texture like milky lotion,

  • Aging care ingredients

Niacin, Cnidium extract, licorice leaf extract

High moisturizing ingredient

Hyaluronic Acid, Tonin Extract, Taisou Extract

Since it does not contain alcohol or parabens, it is perfect to use when the skin becomes more sensitive, like before or during menstruation.

[Skin problems that can be treated] Dryness, spots, wrinkles, firmness


4. RMK Balance Skin Conditioner

RMK's "Balance Skin Conditioner" includes aging care ingredients like niacinamide, glycyrrhizinate 2K, Hyaluronic Acid, and Yokuinin Extract, together with chamomile extract for an extra whitening care effect.

While providing total care for skin problems that tend to occur in people in their 30s, the mild alcohol-free texture moisturizes your skin.


5. Shiseido Revital


"Retinoscience Lotion AA" from REVITAL, Shiseido's high-performance brand for people in their 40s and 50s.

In addition to retinol capsules that melt quickly on the skin, it contains a skin protection complex ingredient "collagen bleeder," together with "Vital-up prescription" to soften the skin.




Aging is inevitably part of our life, but thanks to modern cosmetic technology it is possible to keep our skin as young as when we were 20.

So what are you waiting for? Start shopping and get your asking young and smooth again now!



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