How to Choose a Leather Wallet: The Complete Guide

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Ready to find the perfect wallet for you? Read our complete guide on choosing the best leather wallets for your wardrobe.

Have you ever wondered which accessories a man needs the most?

Your wallet is without a doubt the item you'll use the most, aside from your key holder or your phone case.

And if you are looking for a wallet, we are pretty sure that finding the perfect one may be a hard task. You probably want it to be compact, stylish, and durable, but is it possible to have one with all these characteristics?

If you want to learn more about cool men's wallets and which one is perfect for you, you're in the right place.

You'll be a complete expert by the time you finish reading this, we promise!



#1: Consider your wallet needs

The most fundamental point to take into account is, what do you need (and want) out of your wallet?

Even though it seems so obvious, most people overlook this point.

Are you a cash or card person?

How many bills do you normally carry around?

How many cards do you have?

Do you also need a key holder?

It may be challenging to compare all the wallet designs on the market, and depending on your usage, you will probably require a unique wallet.

Here is a list of the top wallet categories for each circumstance.


Types of wallet for men

A. Pocket wallets for the minimalist

Varco's Money Clip Wallet

For those living a minimalist lifestyle, you can't go wrong with a money clip wallet. Their simple design and unique size offer the no-frills convenience of being able to carry around both cards and bills at the same time.

Varco's Money Clip Wallet goes the extra mile by also offering a compartment for coins. Obviously, you're not always going to be able to break bills up evenly when out shopping, so a dedicated space for coins is appreciated for even the most dedicated minimalist!

Varco wallets are 100% made in Japan, which means you can expect both expert craftsmanship and superior durability. Japanese consumers are known to be the "most demanding in the world" when it comes to product quality, after all!

Varco money clip wallet


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Varco's Equip Wallet©

Varco's unique Equip Wallet© is a smaller, more refined version of the classic wallet you've grown accustomed to (and perhaps tired of) -- but with all the same bells and whistles.

It's made of high-quality leather and detailed with Japanese black walnut, and can also be used as a stylish card holder.

Varco Equip Wallet

If you are looking for an all-mighty pocket wallet, pick up an Equip Wallet today!


Buy Varco Equip Wallet


Varco's Keyholder Wallet

If you're always misplacing your keys and need a safe, secure place to store them while out and about, Varco's Keyholder Wallet has got you covered. Cards, cash, and keys -- all within quick access.

Due to the wood-reinforced pocket on the outside, it is also incredibly stylish and durable.

It's the perfect option if you want to carry more with little effort.

Varco Keyholder Wallet


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B. Bifold wallets for a classic look

Leather bifold wallets are the standard of the industry.

As the name suggests, bifold wallets consist of two flaps (sections) folded in half in the middle. This offers you a solid compromise between functionality and form: sure, a trifold goes one better with its three flaps, but the increased bulk may make it a more difficult fit for your pockets.

Varco has two solutions for folding wallets: the Standard Wallet and the Smart Wallet.

Varco's Standard Wallet

The standard model boasts a unique wooden design (100% Japanese black walnut) that elevates it above the competition. It's the ideal solution if you're looking for a classic wallet with an elegant, innovative twist.

Varco Standard Wallet


Shop Varco Classic Wallets


Varco's Smart Wallet

Worried that Varco's Standard Wallet will take up too much space?

Enter the Smart Wallet, which opts for a slimmer body without sacrificing all the unique features and quality that Varco wallets are renowned for.

It's smart, simple, and stylish -- all rolled into one!

Varco Smart Wallet


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Varco's Orizon Smart Billfold

If you are looking for an even smarter alternative to the Smart Wallet, the Orizon Smart Billfold is perfect for you! It features all the traditional characteristics of the Varco Smart Wallet but without coin pockets,

so you can save even more space!

Varco Smart Wallet


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Varco Card Holder

Varco Card Holder


Last we have the ultimate space saver, the cardholder!

Increasing numbers of people are opting for a super-compact, multipurpose business card holder designed to properly match their pockets.

When packed with loose change, a cardholder will not bulge excessively and will be easier to access in your front pocket rather than being stuffed into a bag, knapsack, or backpack. Naturally, its small size will accommodate only what it fits, which is less than a wallet.

Another advantage of a cardholder is that it forces you to consider what goods are significant enough to be taken with you on a daily basis.

Choosing a smaller cardholder can be a game changer in terms of structuring and organizing your everyday personal belongings such as store cards, driver's licenses, credit cards, and so on, even though it could cause "pocket bulges" if you happen to have received many coins given some in a store as change.

Browse Varco Card Case


C. Long wallets for comfort

The last type of men's wallet you'll want to become familiar with is the ever-popular long wallet. The extra lengthwise capacity of these wallets makes them perfect when you need to carry both cards, cash (especially bills), and other essential items.

Varco makes sure that its wallets carry as much as possible while still being incredibly slim, in contrast to other brands that have extra layers of leather or pointless pockets that make your wallet bigger without adding any usable space.

Japanese craftsmanship and usability at its best!

Varco's L Wallet

The L Wallet is the best option if you need to carry a lot, but don't want a lot of pant pocket bulge.

Varco's long wallet has 10 card pockets, 2 free pockets, and 1 coin pocket, as well as exclusive wood details and high-quality leather. These all make it a one-of-a-kind wardrobe essential that will last for years.

Varco L Wallet


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Varco's L-Zip Wallet

The L-Zip Wallet collection is one of Varco's most beloved offerings due to its straightforward L-shaped zipper design and undeniable versatility: with its multiple compartments, you'll be able to bring money, tickets, cards, and other business necessities with you wherever you go.

The more you use them, the nicer they get!

L-Zip Wallet


Ready to get your exclusive L-zip wallet from Varco? Click the button below!


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#2: Choose the best leather quality

Quality DOES matter if you're looking for a long-lasting leather wallet.

Although there are many different types of leather available, not all of what you buy will be long-lasting.

Choose one of the quality grades below if you want a wallet that can last for years!

Top grain leather

Top grain leather is one of the highest grades of leather. It is created by sanding and buffing the top layer of the animal skin. By doing this, the leather becomes thinner and more workable for the manufacturer's tools.

The leather's outer surface is also free of any wrinkles, scars, flaws, and imperfections thanks to this process, making it almost velvety to the touch.

Here's what sets Varco's top grain leather apart from the rest:

i. Premium kip leather

Kip leather is a soft, long-lasting leather derived from calves aged 6-24 months (in Varco's case the age is always around 12 months, which makes it even more high-quality). With its luxurious aesthetic and feel, it's little wonder even the most lavish designer brands make use of it in their bags, wallets, and other accessories.

ii. Delicate tanning process

The kip leather in Varco wallets is tanned (colored) using natural vegetable dyes.

Vegetable tanning is much gentler on the leather than artificial chrome tanning -- the latter uses a combination of minerals, acids, and carcinogenic salts to tan leather quickly, but the leather's quality suffers as a result.

With vegetable tanning, not only does the leather remain in top condition, it also ends up with a timeless, exquisite visual tone!


Full grain leather

Full grain leather refers to the top, unaltered natural layer of a cowhide that has been stripped of all its hair.

Initially very thick, the cowhide is cut into at least two layers: the top cut and the bottom cut. The strongest and most valuable part of the hide is called the top cut, which includes the full and top grain. Split leather is the term for the bottom cut, and suede is typically produced from it.

Natural skin markings like scratches, stretch marks, or insect bites can be seen after the leather is dyed and are regarded as a "signature of fine leather" because full-grain leather is not altered through any mechanical process.



#3: Choose a wallet with personality

Last but not least, select a unique wallet that makes you feel special.

Aside from the exclusive style and quality assured by old Japanese craftsmen, all Varco's unique leather wallets are detailed with the finest Japanese black walnut, used by Japanese high-end brands to decorate their products.


Varco wallets with Japanese black walnut

Japanese walnut wood is moderately sticky, neither too soft nor too hard, making it simpler to perform precise carving, cutting, and other processes.

It is a great material for fashion and hair accessories because when polished, it develops a good finish and a natural luster.

The unique charm of natural materials also includes the color nuances and expressions that vary depending on the type of wood and tree part.

From walnut wood to wallet

Here's a summary of how the premium wood detailing on Varco wallets is produced:

1. Japanese black walnut is cut into large sections, then sawn down further into smaller slabs.

2. The slabs are boiled in a huge tank (4 meters deep) for about a week. This process removes the lye and softens the wood, making it easier to machine-slice. (Machine-sliced wood is so thin it basically looks and feels like paper!)

Varco wood processing

3. The wood is then put in a large dryer for about 50 hours, in order to adjust the moisture content. It is then aged while applying heat to give it a deep and charming color.

Varco wood processing

4. The wood is then ready to be cut by Japanese artisans and used on Varco wallets.

Varco wood


Choosing a durable and stylish wallet might be a hard task, but with the correct information finding the right one for you has never been easier.

Varco's top-quality leather wallets are made to last and to make sure that you will have the highest quality and unique wallets to protect your items.

So what are you waiting for? Get your exclusive Varco Wallet now!


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