Shinada Global Otters: Love at First Squish

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What makes Shinada Global otters so lovable and popular? Hint: It's not just the kawaii vibes. Find out more in this touching personal story!

Foreword from ZenPlus

Shinada Global otters and other cute plushies continue to find their way into the hands of happy kawaii culture enthusiasts worldwide, courtesy of ZenPlus.

And as guest contributor Grace explains in this post, it's not just because their cuteness is off the charts visually!

Read on to learn about the real calming effects an adorable plush toy can have on your life.


About me

Hi! My name is Grace, and this is my story about Shinada Global and other Japanese branded kawaii plushies.

Most children form attachments to plushies and stuffed toys from a young age, but there is a growing community of people who still feel just as attached going into young and later adulthood – this is where Shinada Global comes in.


Kawaii plushies and Shinada Global

Japanese kawaii culture has always been admired from afar, but the rise in popularity of plushies, specifically “mochi” style toys, has been the most noticeable in recent years. The term “mochi” in plush toys refers to the soft and squishy feeling of the toy, like the mochi snack. 

Shinada Global plushies are the same, weighted down by beads in the bottom of the toy but also understuffed and squishy, ideal for cuddling. 

Shinada Global otters


Love at first squish

I saw a couple of fellow collectors on Instagram post pictures of the Shinada Global mochi sea otter plushies and instantly fell in love. They have released several animals, but I took one look at the kawaii faces of the otters and was hooked. They came in a range of colours and sizes, and I knew I had to have one. I ordered my first otter, a medium brown one I named Otter (original – I know!) and knew I needed more. 

A huge reason a lot of adults collect plushies is mental health and neurodivergence. A few years ago, I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and anxiety, both of which I still struggle with daily. My newly acquired Shinada Global otters became my friends, my cuddle buddies and my travel companions. I would take a medium or large one out with me as a squishy comfort for when I felt anxious, or I would take a mini keychain otter with me to work for when I felt nervous about public transport or crowds. The comfort I felt from them was endless. 


The positive impact of Shinada Global

At first, I was embarrassed to be 25 years old and still carrying plushies with me, but I just couldn’t leave them at home. Since I’ve been carrying around my mochi otters and other kawaii plushies, I feel happier to leave home and face my social anxiety which has made a huge impact on my life overall. 

I personally know many other adult collectors who feel the same as I do, even to the extent of dressing their plushies up and carrying them in public like babies (because they are our babies!). 


My favorite Shinada Global plushies

Whilst I love all my Shinada Global plushies, I of course have my favorites. That mantle goes to my large brown Shinada Global otter (lovingly named Orlando); he tends to come to places and events I would often feel the most anxious about, like on a recent cruise holiday. My second favorite would be my large pink otter called Mei, a Japanese exclusive who was picked up for me by a friend and also helps a lot with long journeys.

I also have a Shinada Global polar bear and a frog on the way, both from the same Mochi line. I love all the animals that Shinada Global has released, but mostly the sea otters; you just cannot ignore their kawaii faces. In the future I would love the XXL size otter, but I’d have to try hard not to take it everywhere with me!

Besides the Mochi range, I’d also love to try the Fumofumo-san range from Shinada Global too. They look extremely cute and travel-friendly, which is important to me, so I will have to look into buying myself one from ZenPlus soon.

Shinada Global otters


Final thoughts

I’d encourage anyone to investigate Shinada Global and other Japanese kawaii plushies as they’ve become such a big part of my life. There are so many Facebook groups and Instagram accounts such as mine to turn to if you need inspiration. If there is anyone out there suffering with mental health problems, disability, trauma, or even if you just need a new friend, I’d highly recommend purchasing yourself a cute sea otter – just think of a better name for it than mine!


About the author

Grace is a 25-year-old plush collector from England, UK who has been collecting plushies since she was a small child. You can see more of her collection on her dedicated Instagram account, @icedplushies.


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