Golden Week Opening Hours

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ZenPlus will remain open during Golden Week 2022 (April 29 through May 8).

Golden Week Opening Hours

Thanks for your continued support of ZenPlus! We love being able to share the joy of Japan with all of you around the world.

Please be advised that April 29 through May 8 is an extended holiday in Japan known as Golden Week.

Many Japanese companies and freight services close their offices during this period, but the ZenPlus office will remain open.

As such, feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have as per normal.

Unfortunately, however, there may be slight delays in day-to-day operations (including ordering, packing, and shipping) as a result of the aforementioned business closures throughout Japan.

We're very sorry for any inconvenience caused, but thank you kindly for your understanding and patience!


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