Yakushi Nyorai Joruriji Shape

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isumu Yakushi Nyorai Zazou JORURIJI/ isumu Buddha of Medicine and Healing JORURIJI

Yakushi Nyorai is depicted with the left hand holding a jar that contains medicine to cure all kinds of sickness. Yakushi Nyorai lives in the pure world filled with light, the color of lapis lazuli, and listens to fulfill people’s wishes for food, clothing, and health in our present life.

In Buddhism, the east, where the sun rises, is thought to be the place where life is born, and the Yakushi Nyorai who is at the center of the east sends us into our present life.

This statue was the principal image of JORURIJI in Kyoto at the time of the temple’s founding and is now a Secret Buddha enshrined as the principal image of the three-storied pagoda, a national treasure, which stands on the east side of the temple grounds.

Size: 260(H)×125(W)×128(D)m /weight: 1.2(kg)

isumu -Japanese Buddha Statue as Interior Decor

isumu was created to present traditional Buddhist statues as art objects.
We recommend a new lifestyle where traditional art can become a part of . Your Day-To-Day World Produced Using Modern Materials And Technology, Our Buddhist Statues Combine An Ancient Presence And With Unsurpassed Quality, Suitable To Be Admired As Interior Decor.

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