PLEN5Stack assembly kit

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Seller: plenshop
Manufacturer: PLEN Project Company Inc.
Made in: japan

PLEN5Stack is a DIY small bipedal robot that uses M5Stack.It has 8 joints (servo motors) and LED eyes on a 13 cm tall body.It is possible to develop in the Arduino environment, and you can develop IoT and AI robots that combine various sensors and Wi-Fi.
Product Features
- Assembly kit
- Bipedal
- RGB LED*2 for eyes
- Program Platform: Arduino
- Compatible LEGO
Part List
- 1x Battery
- 1x Control Board
- 8x Servo motor
- 1x EYE Board
- 1x EYE Board cable
- 1x Plastic part set
- 4x Silber Screws
- 4x Black Screws
- 1x Label Sticker
- 1x PLEN5Stack Sticker
- 1x QRcode card
*M5Stack is not included
- Robots that utilize sensors
- RC Robot
- IoT Robot
- AI Robot
Servo motor : 8pcs
Driver: PCA9685
Power supply: AA, 3.6V, 1500mAh, Ni-MH battery
Height: 130mm
Weight: 300g
Body Material: Plastic, 3Dprinted plastic (It depends on the part)

Product # 5MK01
Weight 500 g
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