TanaCOCORO Senju Kannon ~ Keiha ~

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Brand: TanaCOCORO[掌]シリーズ
Model: 000000000235
Made in: 中国製

multi angle 360: https://isumu.sub.jp/360/tc/senjukannon_keiha/
Senju Kannon finds people who are suffering with his eleven faces, and saves them with his thousand arms that represent infinite mercy.
'Keiha' means one of the Busshi groups in Kamakura Era(13th to 14th century),which dominated Buddhist statuary. Master sculptor Unkei and Kaikei belonged to this school and their realism and dynamism are still highly regarded.
Size: 200(H)×92(W)×52(D)mm /weight: 120(g)
isumu -Japanese Buddha Statue as Interior Decor
isumu was created to present traditional Buddhist statues as art objects.
We recommend a new lifestyle where traditional art can become a part of your day-to-day world. Produced using modern materials and technology, our Buddhist statues combine an ancient presence and with unsurpassed quality, suitable to be admired as interior decor.
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