Polko balm (Skin balm for whole body) 23 g (Ladding content rate 60%) Okinawa Skin balm for whole body

Polko balm (Skin balm for whole body) 23 g (Ladding content rate 60%) Okinawa Skin balm for whole body

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Seller: dragon-markets
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ブタの脂を顔や、肌に塗るというと抵抗がありそうですが、 漢方の世界では昔から傷薬に使われてた材料です。
「ラードの脂がヒトの肌の脂に近い」 ラードは約5割が飽和脂肪酸でできており、ヒトの細胞膜にとても近く、そのため、 ラードは肌に吸収されやすく、お肌の健康を保ちます。
今年創設100年になる「主婦の友社」発行の「健康」でラード特集が組まれました。 動物性の脂がお肌に効果的であると見直されつつあります。

It seems to be resistive if you put a pig's fat on your face or skin, but in the world of Oriental herbs it is a material that was used for wound medicine since long ago.
"Lard's fat is close to human skin fat" About 50% of lard is made of saturated fatty acid and is very close to human cell membrane, so lard is easy to be absorbed by the skin and keeps your skin healthy .
Lard features were organized in "Health" issued "Female friend of mind" issued this year which is 100 years old. Animal fats are being reevaluated as effective for your skin.
It became famous by the topic dietary law stapleing meat, eggs, cheese, supervised by Professor Nobuyuki Watanabe

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