Crystaly Lotion Crystal lotion lotion 120ml

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hanks to its amazing quality, not only it has been featured in many Japanese beauty&lifestyle magazines, but its products have also been chosen in the top 100 products for ’s “Japan Store”, where only the highest quality and most reliable Japanese products are selected.
FLEUR LOTION and OIL FLEUR REBORN are not just ordinary moisturizing cosmetics, but they have an exclusive patented composition that makes them a top player in the anti-aging industry, bringing the following benefits to your skin.
1. Normalizing the skin's turnover
As the human metabolism slows down with age, the turnover of our skin also gradually declines. Every single product of the FLEUR line contains hydrogen ion, which penetrates deep and stimulates skin turnover.
2. Revitalization of the skin
“Bad” radical oxygen springs as we age, from fatigue, air pollution, mask life, and mental stress. The nano platinum contained in our Fleur Lotion will diminish those “bad” radical oxygen, helping to stop skin aging.
3. Boosting the skin density
The hydrogen ion has the ability to boost the making of type 1 collagen. However, the collagen molecule is too big to be effective as it is, meaning that it will have little to none positive effect on the skin.
To solve this problem, the collagens used in our Fleur Lotion are made up from small molecules which will work effectively on the skin. Also, hydrogen nanobubbles, making up a third of the lotions ingredient, will stimulate the production of collagen type 1 the moment it comes in contact with the skin.
4. Brighter skin tone
Once the hydrogen nano bubble in the Fleur Lotion comes in touch with the skin, the 200000 pores existing on our face alone react immediately.
The hydrogen particles filled in Oil Fleur, react with the moisture of the Fleur Lotion and rejuvenates once again the hydrogen ion. The hydrogen ion created from this double effect will last up to 12 hours. The product will penetrate deep into the skin layer and melanin. Before you can even notice you will have the brighter skin ever!

Product # 4580703860041
Weight 325 g
Available packaging 5 x 15 x 5 cm
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