Sleeved Sleeping Bags: Free Your Hands

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Say hello to the Kleio, a sleeved sleeping bag for a stress-free camp. Find out how its focus on mobility and range of motion is the perfect solution for modern camping woes!

With the sweltering heat of summer behind us in the northern hemisphere (and the rain clearing up down south!), all eyes are on camping and the great outdoors once again.

Social distancing is still paramount in 2021, so outdoor adventures that get us out of the house — yet away from the hustle and bustle of the city — continue to surge in popularity.

In fact, the majority of survey respondents in the Fall 2020 edition of the annual North American Camping Report viewed camping and more isolated off-the-grid sojourns as the safest form of travel going forward.

Infographic on safest forms of travel from 2020 survey
Source: North American Camping Report Fall 2020

But camping isn’t always a walk in the park, if you will.

Seasoned camper or otherwise, the pastime can be downright stressful if you don’t bring the right gear with you.

And of all the gear in your backpack, your sleeping bag is one of the trickiest beasts to get right — hands down (literally!).

Read on to find out why!



Mobility and modern camping woes

Camping trips are all about the joy of exploring new environments and the fun of throwing caution to the wind as you cast off the shackles of daily life.

In short, the freedom of the outdoors.

Isn’t it ironic, then, how conventional sleeping bags leave us feeling anything but free?

Forget about your smartphone, MP3 player, gaming handheld, and other modern gadgets. You won’t be able to use them — or do anything else with your hands, for that matter — without a bit of effort.

A bit of effort, and a lot of stress.

Luckily, the Kleio sleeping bag with sleeves is here to help.

What sort of stress comes part and parcel with traditional sleeping bags, and how can the Kleio eliminate it?

Let’s take a closer look.


Kleio: A sleeved sleeping bag for a stress-free camp

One of the biggest causes of stress is, understandably, not being in control of a situation. As humans, it’s only natural that we like to be in control and in charge — or as Jordan Lee Dooley puts it in her New York Times bestseller, to “own [our] everyday.”

Whether you’re on a train that’s now running late, or you’re waiting for the post office to deliver those Christmas presents to your folks in time, or your PC has decided to kick the bucket hours before that report submission, stress can rear its unfortunate head at any time of the day.

Camping is no exception.

But of course, that’s what the Kleio is for.

Keep reading to find out how it can help eliminate stress for you in the great outdoors!

Stress Eliminator #1: Free your hands

Phew, what a day! The stars are out, the moon is shining, and you’re ready for some well-deserved shut-eye after all that fun in the sun. You unroll your old sleeping bag from times gone by, jump in, zip up, and then — well, then what?

In your snug yet stifling cocoon, all there’s left to do is stare at the stars until the Sandman arrives. Any activity requiring even the slightest upper body mobility is off the cards unless you unzip and expose yourself to the elements.

And with so many things to keep in check out in the wilderness, every back and forth is one back and forth too many.

That’s where the Kleio sleeved sleeping bag truly shines.

Switch out your old faithful for a Kleio, and you won’t have to worry about sacrificing mobility for warmth.

The two won’t be mutually exclusive anymore.

Move freely inside the Kleio sleeping bag


There’s so many things you can easily do from the warm comfort of your Kleio, without ever having to unzip.

For example:

  • Check what the weather will be like tomorrow from your phone
  • Confirm tomorrow’s hiking route with your trusty foldable map
  • Text good night to friends and family back home
  • Set your alarm clock so you never miss a minute of nature’s wonders
  • Put your earphones in and serenade yourself to sleep
  • Have a last swig of water
  • Scratch that itch on your nose…

Kleio’s sleeved design gives you a full range of motion and the freedom to actually get things done — no matter how small.

The world will be your oyster again!

Stress Eliminator #2: Do more while carrying less

A huge driver of stress in the great outdoors — sleeping bags in particular — is, quite literally, not having enough hands to go around.

With only two hands and a pair of shoulders on you, you’re going to want to be able to accomplish multiple things with the one piece of equipment wherever possible. Can’t go around carrying an entire room’s worth of luggage, after all!

A sleeping bag with sleeves that is also — for all intents and purposes — a down jacket to boot means you have one less bulky item of clothing to lug around out there in the wilderness.

The Kleio sleeping bag is a perfect example of the importance of practicality when it comes to outdoor gear and smooth, stress-free camping. Plus it's more compact than a mini laptop when stored!

Reduce load with the compact Kleio


Stress Eliminator #3: Get moving

We can all attest to the fact that it’s near impossible to roll out of a warm, cozy bed on a cold winter’s morning.

Going into semi-hibernation like that is all well and good for a weekend where you can stay in your PJs all day long, but not so much when it comes to an outdoor adventure.

After all, you’ve come camping to leave the burden of daily life behind, if only for a short while! You’re here to explore the outdoors and enjoy your freedom!

Are you really going to remain trapped in your old sleeping bag and forfeit that freedom while sun rises and the birds are singing?

Don’t worry — with the Kleio, you don’t have to.

A convenient rear button lets you prop up and hold the bottom of the sleeping bag in place, leaving you free to walk around as you please.

There’ll be no sack race here!

Move around freely in the Kleio


Features and specs

Now that you know what the Kleio sleeping bag with sleeves can do, let’s dive further into the details of what it actually is.


An evolution of Japanese outdoor maker Nanga’s beloved AURORA series of sleeping bags. Versatile, easy to use, and perfect for any environment— be it the great outdoors or even cozy camping at home.


  • Shell: AURORA-TEX®
  • Lining: 40dn nylon taffeta

The following information has been adapted from Nanga’s official website.

The two-layered AURORA-TEX shell features a porous polyurethane coating, ensuring superior levels of waterproofing and breathability.

Nylon is a lightweight synthetic fibers that offers both elasticity and frictional strength. Dirt and grime come off easily, making maintenance a breeze. Absorption is minimal as well, meaning it dries quickly when wet.

Internal structure

  • Fill Power: 760 FP (Spanish duck down, 90/10 fill)
  • Fill Weight: 380 g
  • Total Weight: About 1,170 g (2.6 lbs), including storage bag
  • Storage Size: 15 x 25 cm
  • Comfort Rating: 7℃
  • Lower Limit Rating: 2℃


  • Foot Box: Designed to follow the wearer’s natural body line for optimal support. Packed with plenty of feathers to provide as much warmth as possible.
  • Hood: Shaped hood reduces the stress of being exposed to the elements, keeping your head (and entire body) nice and warm. The zipper is easy to open and close. It’s located near the wearer’s face for optimal functionality.
  • Side Pockets: Fitted with magnets on both sides, providing easy access to your nightwear underneath.
  • Zipper: Special resin fastener component from Japan’s YKK Group, the largest maker of zippers in the world. It’s lightweight (1.6 g) and glows in the dark to ensure easy operation at night and in dim lighting.
  • Rear Button: For securing the back of the bag while walking (which you can do with your shoes on!). You won’t have to worry about dragging the back along the ground.

Filling materials

Consists solely of Spanish duck down that has been washed in Japan. High quality, cost effective, and very reliable!

Design features and specs of the Kleio


The brains behind the bag

The Kleio sleeping bag with sleeves is the result of a collaboration between apparel manufacturer Ogita Hemd and renowned outdoor gear producers Nanga.

Read on to find out a little more about each company!


Ogita Hemd

Ogita Hemd

This apparel manufacturer has been in the game in Japan for more than 60 years — an impressive feat in the ever-changing world of fashion.

From humble beginnings as a textile maker to eventually finding its calling as a crafter of quality dress shirts and other garments for all genders, Ogita Hemd continues to challenge the status quo.

Ogita Hemd strives to have a positive impact on society by developing quality products based on “fresh, valuable ideas.” Having planned and designed the Kleio sleeved sleeping bag, we say they’re doing a fantastic job.

“Run towards the next generation.“




Known for its AURORA line of sleeping bags, Nanga is a huge name in the Japanese outdoor gear market. Since opening for business way back in 1941, Nanga has advocated the very reassuring “Made in Japan” mantra, as Ridge Line Images notes:

What impressed me about Nanga was that they manufacture their sleeping bags locally. The company sources only the best down feathers which are washed in neighboring Mie Prefecture.

The company actually gets its name from the Nanga Parbat mountain in the Himalayas — ninth highest summit in the world and recipient of the moniker Killer Mountain.

True to its namesake, it’s all about survival in the elements — no matter what.

“Products that can overcome challenges under the most drastic conditions.“

Kleio: Maximum mobility, much less stress

In terms of warmth, comfort, and coziness, the Kleio ticks all the boxes expected of any sleeping bag — and then some.

But its true appeal lies elsewhere, in an ironically overlooked element of the camping experience:


Unlike conventional sleeping bags, warmth and mobility are not mutually exclusive with the Kleio.

As such, you’re looking at three key benefits in addition to protection from the harsh cold of the great outdoors:

  • Benefit #1: Free hands
    Eat, drink, play, write, read, carry. Do it all with a full range of motion.
  • Benefit #2: Practicality
    Do the most you can with the least amount possible when camping.
  • Benefit #3: Mobility
    Why forfeit the freedom you sought in the outdoors in the first place?



Watch the Kleio in action

Thanks for reading our product spotlight on the Kleio sleeved sleeping bag! With apparel brand Ogita Hemd and outerwear maker Nanga at the helm, this is one piece of camping gear you'll definitely want in your collection.

But don't just take our word for it -- check out some other video showcases and reviews below!

Life in Japan: Indoor and outdoor adventures

Watch the wonderful Reutter family take a cool khaki Kleio for a test drive in this wholesome video. True to form, the Kleio offers both versatility and freedom -- so practical, in fact, that it even works wonders at home.

Special thanks to the Reutters for sharing a glimpse of their daily life!



Lonewolf 902: An honest, in-depth review

Avid camper and bushcraft specialist Lonewolf 902 explores the Kleio's features and benefits in this detailed review. If you're looking for a complete rundown from a passionate outdoorsman, be sure to check it out! 



Ready to free your hands?

The Kleio sleeved sleeping bag is all about making your quality of life better out there in the wilderness.

If you're ready to gear up for the great outdoors, click the button below and browse the Kleio range on ZenPlus. They're 25% off for a limited time!

We’ll deliver to your door, no matter where in the world you are.

Kleio sleeping bag with sleeves

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Over to You!

What has been your most stressful experience while out camping so far?

Where is your favorite camping spot?

Let us know in the comments or drop us a line on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook)! We’d love to hear from you!

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This is a collaboration post with Ogita Hemd, but all opinions and statements are the author’s own.






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