Mochi Otter Fashion: The Art of Plush Clothing

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Power up your passion by dressing your Shinada Global plushies in cute outfits! Discover the art of plush clothing and read up on ways to get started.

Foreword from ZenPlus

Ready to take your Shinada Global passion to the next step?

Add more personality, spunk, and all-around cuteness to your plushies by dressing them up in their own mini clothes!

In today's edition of Japan Plus Me, our kawaii culture expert Grace explores the art of plush clothing and offers some personal tips on how to get in on the trend!




Gushing over plush clothing

So, you’ve bought yourself a new Shinada Global kawaii plushie -- congrats!

You’ve probably given them a name, and they already have their own unique personality.

No doubt you're now wondering, though:

"How can I show others their personality and present my own creativeness at the same time?"

Here's one idea: Give your plushies some clothes!

This article will tell you how you can dress your Shinada Global plushies in their own clothes, and provide some examples to get you started! 


Dressing up Shinada Global plushies

I first saw people dressing up their Shinada Global and other kawaii plushies as soon as they became more popular on Instagram.

The extremely popular mochi otter had been given a makeover time and time again, followed by the other animals in the mochi series such as the bears, cats, and even the newly released frogs.

Users were looking to Instagram and Facebook pages for inspiration on how to dress up their own squishy friends, and these platforms didn’t disappoint.

You could find them dressed up as anything, their friendly faces being framed by headbands, ears adorned with bows and ribbons, bodies being covered up for the colder months by sweaters and coats, there is no end to the combinations of outfits you can dress them up in.

Shinada Global otter fashion

Now for anyone who may not be aware of the trend, in recent months it has been common practice to accessorise your plushie collection. This can be something as simple as a headband, all the way to a full outfit including shoes and accessories.

We all have a sentimental attachment to our kawaii plushies and they all inevitably have their own personalities, dressing them in clothes and costumes is an excellent and very fun way to show this to others, or simply to look cute!

I’ve seen so many people taking the opportunity to buy specific outfits for a Shinada Global plushie they have in mind, and even some remarkably talented individuals have made their own clothes, such as by crocheting or knitting. 

The trend is growing day by day and we’re constantly seeing content creators and plushie enthusiasts showcase their creativity by thinking up new ideas on how they can dress them, turning the trend into a friendly competition between users.

Who knows, maybe soon we could have costume competitions for different seasonal events, such as Halloween? 


Favorite plush outfits

Personally, I love the innovative outfits that the community comes up with, and their own original ideas.

The aforementioned talented folk who can make their own clothes have color-coordinated their mochi otters to their new threads, and with matching accessories too. These types of outfits really show how much the community can come together and share these ideas; I’ve seen these creators even offer to make others their own clothes too for their plushies. 

As much as I really enjoy casual outfits, there also has to be something said for the costumes. Just today I scrolled through on Instagram to see someone had dressed up their Shinada Global otter in a pumpkin costume for Halloween, and it looked amazing! I’m hoping to see more of these unconventional outfits coming up to the spooky season, as it really takes this trend into new depths.

Shinada Global otter fashion


Plush clothing options

There are a few options if you’re inspired to start dressing up your own kawaii plushies.

Build-A-Bear clothes

One of the most popular within the community at the moment is Build-A-Bear clothes (they fit the large size otters, bears and cats), which you can buy from their stores directly or secondhand. The advantage of buying this brand is that they have a wide variety of clothing options, such as seasonal costumes, casual every day, and even school uniforms.

Baby clothes

Another option is to buy cute baby clothes -- yes, actual baby clothes!

If you can find any clothes small enough in your own local stores or online (like these cute hats), they will likely fit the mochi otters and cats. You might even find something to fit the frogs, which are a little more difficult to dress!

I like to look around charity shops and secondhand markets to find these, as you never know what you’ll come across -- and it's good for the environment too.

Shinada Global otter fashion

Commissioned clothes

If you want to help support small businesses within the community, you can also search Instagram for any creators who make their own clothes, and commission unique outfits from them directly! Not only does this support our own kawaii plushie friends with their passion and business, but they will be custom-made to your own specification and as unique as the plushie they will be dressing!


Final thoughts

I hope you can see from this article just how easy it is to elevate your own Shinada Global mochi plushies.

Whether you’re looking to inject some more fun into your plushie collecting hobby or add some individuality to your beloved kawaii friends, there is definitely something for everyone.

Please feel free to share your creations on social media too, as we love to see them!


About the author

Grace is a 25-year-old plush collector from England, UK who has been collecting plushies since she was a small child. You can see more of her collection on her dedicated Instagram account, @icedplushies.


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