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売り切れ入手困難だったベスト・セラー・アイテムがセカンド・エディションで待望の再入荷!商業的に全盛期だったと言える1985~1994年キャピトル・レコード在籍時に残したレア・トラックを2CDのヴォリュームで収録したアイテムが登場!シングルのみに収録されたリミックス、ライヴ、アルバム未収録曲にこれまで未発表だったデモまで網羅した内容で、これだけの大物のしかも全盛期の音源が、再発ブームの今日でも埋もれたままになっていた事に不満のあったファンには正に待望のアイテムと言えます。初回入荷分のみナンバリング入りステッカー付で1990年8月19日マウンテン・ビュー公演をプロ・ショット完全収録した「CALL OF THE WILD」(1DVDR)が特別ニ付属いたします。
Disc 1(75:33)
01. What About Love [Extended Version]//02. Never [Extended Remix]/03. These Dreams [Extended Remix]/04. Nothin' At All [Extended Remix]/05. Never [Original Version]/06. Nothin' At All [Original Version]/07. These Dreams [Remix]/08. Love's Taken Over Me [Unreleased Demo 1985]/09. Victim Of Paradise [Unreleased Demo 1985]/10. Heart Of Darkness [Non Album Track]/11. These Dreams [Instrumental Remix]/12. If Looks Could Kill [Live at Dorton Arena Raleigh NC. USA 31st August 1985]/13. Barracuda [Live at NHK Hall Tokyo Japan 25th June 1986]/14. Magic Man [Live at NHK Hall Tokyo Japan 25th June 1986]/15. Alone [Long Version]/16. Who Will You Run To [Rock Mix]
Disc 2(76:58)
01. There's The Girl [12 Inch Remix]/02. I Want You So Bad [Extended Remix]/03. There's The Girl [Remix]/04. I Want You So Bad [Remix]/05. Here Is Christmas [Instrumental]/06. I Don't Wanna Lose Tonight [Unreleased Demo 1989]/07. Cruel Tears [Non Album Track]/08. Never Stop Loving You [Non Album Track]/09. The Will To Love [Non Album Track]/10. How Can I Refuse [Live at the Palace Auburn Hills MI. USA 11th November 1990]/11. The Woman In Me [Remix]/12. Desire Walks On [Beach Demo Corrected Version]/13. Risin' Suspicion [Non Album Track]/14. Love Hurts [Acoustic Live at Captol Recording Studio B Hollywood CA. USA 27th August 1993]/15. These Dreams [Acoustic Live at Captol Recording Studio B Hollywood CA. USA 27th August 1993]/16. Crazy On You [Acoustic Live at Captol Recording Studio B Hollywood CA. USA 27th August 1993]/17. What Is And What Should Never Be [Demo 1994 with John Paul Jones]
01. Wild Child/02. Call Of The Wild/03. How Can I Refuse/04. Straight On/05. I Didn't Want To Need You/06. Stranded/07. Tall Dark Handsome Stranger/08. Love Alive/09. Under The Sky/10. The Night/11. If Looks Could Kill/12. These Dreams/13. Who Will You Run To/14. Never/15. Crazy On You/16. Alone/17. All I Want Do Is Make Love To You/18. What About Love/19. Fallen From Grace/20. Barracuda
Live at Shoreline Amphitheatre Mountain View California USA 19th August 1990

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