Namura A-Mark Painting Haké 3pcs set

  • $55.19 USD
  • $61.32 USD
Seller: nicker
Brand: Namura Taiseido Corporation
Made in: JAPAN

Using top-quality Guangyang goat and being made thin means that it can apply sizing liquid (dosa) and paint without blobbing, holds Chinese ink or paint well, and transfers paint to the surface well. It can also be used for cooking, such as brushing on sauce to sushi. A set of three different sizes for different purposes. No. 10 (width 3cm) No. 20 (width 6cm) No. 30 (width 9cm) Bristle material: Chinese Guangyang goat

Product # A-HAKESET
Weight 70 g
Available packaging 9 x 3 x 32 cm
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