ZenPop Ramen Pack --Jolly & Tasty

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Have you taken out the Christmas decoration yet? We’re ready to deliver you the warmest noodles of the year with this Jolly & Tasty Noodles pack. Filled with the flavors of Japanese winter, enjoy every slurp of your yummy broth. Simply the best comfort food you can ask for: quick and easy to prepare, with some cheesy flavors, extra large cups, and delicious curry noodles:
- Cup Noodle Big Nazoniku Matsuri from Nissin
- Supercup Max Shoyu Ramen from Acecook
- QTTA Garlic Cheese Cream Flavor from Maruchan
- Kamodashi Curry Udon from Acecook
- PLUS 3 more delightful noodle dishes from Japan!

Product # RA2112
Weight 1100 g
Available packaging 32 x 19 x 25 cm
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