RHCA-362H53U Okaya Electric Industries Co.,LTD Japan 2500pcs/Reel

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Brand: RHCA5039
Manufacturer: Okaya Electric Japan
Model: RHCA-362H53U
Made in: JAPAN


・2,500pcs/New Full Reel
(Stored in a dry pack)

●LOT(Production date)
・July 2018

●RHCA series (53 type)
・Surface mount high voltage surge Insulation testing can be supported by the absorber.
・Impulse current withstand is 8 / 20μs-2,000A.

・Induced lightning surge protection chip sir for high density surface mounting absorber.
・Impulse current withstand 8 / 20μs-2,000A.
・Small capacitance 0.6pF max.

●Electrical characteristics
○Safety standard
・UL1449 cUL
○Impulse discharge start voltage 1.2 / 50μs
・Applied voltage : 5,000V
・Spec : 4,950V max.
○Pressure resistance test 50/60Hz
・AC1,500V : 60s
・AC1,800V : 3s
○Insulation resistance (MΩ) min.
○Capacitance 1MHz (pF) max.
○Impulse current life
・8 / 20μs 100A 300 times
○Impulse Current resistance
・8/20μs 2,000A
○DC discharge Starting voltage(V)

●External dimensions
・W : 5.0±0.3
・H : 3.9±0.3
・D : 3.9±0.3


Product # TK-RHCA-362H53U
Weight 1900 g
Available packaging 47 x 15 x 39 cm
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