Dashi Gura

Dashi Gura is a Kansai dashi specialty store that specializes in the production and sale of dashi packs, launched by Taiko Tei, a long-established udon shop that is celebrating its 50th anniversary.
The "dashi packets" made with our unique manufacturing method are more fragrant and richer than other companies' products.

What's different about Japanese soup stock?


In the world, dashi is mainly made by boiling meat-based ingredients as they are and using fat to coat the ingredients with "umami. In Japan, however, dried and processed ingredients such as bonito flakes and dashi kelp are used to extract "umami substances" that contain almost no fat and transfer the "umami" to the ingredients. In Japan, umami is extracted from dried and processed ingredients such as bonito flakes and dashi kelp. In contrast to other countries where soup can be a staple food, Japan's "dashi" is a special seasoning that exists only in Japan.

Kansai dashi & Kanto dashi

Kansai (Osaka)

  • Kombu broth or a combination of dried bonito flakes and kombu
  • Use mildew-free bonito flakes
  • Subdued but with a strong umami flavor.
  • Udon soup (udon dashi)* is light in flavor

Kanto (Tokyo)

  • Focus on bonito dashi
  • Moldy bonito flakes are used.
  • Mild, rich sweetness and elegant aroma.
  • Udon soup (tsuyu)* has a strong taste.

In Kansai, udon soup is called "dashi," while in Kanto, it is called "tsuyu."


Kansai Dashi

Used in many different ways!

Dried bonito

Increases the flavor component, resulting in a mellow and deep taste.

It is fragrant, soft, and produces a thick, rich broth.
Soda bonito and Urume flakes

It adds more sweetness and richness.

Udon Dashi

Dashi Chazuke

What is Chazuke?

It is mainly a dish of rice with tea poured over it.

Eaten with a variety of things such as dried plums, pickles, salmon and seaweed.

Nowadays, instant chazuke, which can be made by simply pouring hot water, is the standard.

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